November 29, 2007

Girly job?

Traditionally, the deputy leader of a party is also the Treasurer. Treasury is the most senior ministry.

Since Rudd and Gillard took over the ALP, Gillard has been the shadow industrial relations minister. Not, as I've noted numerous times before, exactly a senior role for a deputy leader.

Now that the ALP have won office, Gillard has been given Education.

Which still leaves the begging question still begging: why is Gillard up to the task of being Deputy Prime Minister of the country, but not up to managing a senior ministry?

Education, let's not forget, is primarily the domain of the states, it's not even a federal function.

Handing out laptops to every high school student - the ALP "education revolution" - will not improve any child's eduction (note: already proven in studies that computers make no difference to learning), but I suppose Ms Gillard will gain the love and affection of the nation, much like Santa Clause.

Who got the discarded IR portfolio?


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    My understanding was, that she got both Education and IR Caz.
    She is such a "smart" lady after all.
    That's what old Kev o7 reckons .

    Mind you he did say that any minister that does not perform will be out quick sticks.

    Perhaps he is trying to load her up!(winks)

  2. Arrrrhhh, I see!

    Which then raises the question of why she is taking two portfolios.

    Brand new gov't, have been out of power for 11 years, all - bar ONE (displaced) member - have NO experience in governing. Wouldn't you want as many as possible to be stepping up to the mark?


  3. Anonymous9:48 PM

    "Which then raises the question of why she is taking two portfolios."

    Maybe there will be a reshuffle down the track. Overworked Julia will surrender Education to Maxine, so long as Maxi doesn't stuff it up in the mean time.

  4. Yes, it is Gillard - as she was always going to be.

    For someone whose previous life was a lawyer in an Industrial Relations practice, that would seem to fit the skills set.

    Which then raises the question of why she is taking two portfolios.

    C'mon Caz. I know you don't like (rate) the gal but really, what's the corollary to that? Why did she only get one portfolio when most others had theirs expanded?

    As for the "experience in government" thing. Spare me. If that was any criteria we'd never change a government.

    How many Howard "ministers" were experienced in government in '96?

  5. Go back and read with comprehension Bertie.

    I was saying that they NEED TO BUILD THEIR EXPERIENCE - let MANY of them build ministerial EXPERIENCE - given that they currently have NONE. SHARE the OPPORTUNITY for LEARNING.


    Since when does any minister need or use qualifications from their university days, or early working life, to hold a particular ministry? Has never happened before. Gillard will not be writing the legislation, she has a department for that.

    No, the corollary would not be ... blah, blah.

    I want to know why she does not hold a senior ministry.


    Besides, why over burden novices and heighten the risk that they will stuff up? There's no good reason for it.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    " Besides, why over burden novices and heighten the risk that they will stuff up?There's no good reason for it."
    Not unless you WANT them to fail, of course!(winks again)

  7. Rudd won't ever roll her Kath.

    She "helped" win the election, by keeping quite.

  8. I read with comprehension Caz. The import is that she - as deputy PM should have Treasury, not a stateportfolio in education.

    She has workplace relations as well.

    She may have asked for it. She may - as I do - have little interest in economics and an "economic" portfolio. She may, as is imputed by the question, not be "trusted" with it. I do not know.

    She might also have little interest in the foreign ministry: traditionally number three on the list. She may have a big interest in industrial relations.

    There is a break with tradition. The same as tradition was broken today by Rudd selecting his front bench sans factional brawling. Apparently.

    The deputy PM in a Coalition government is (was) a no talent time-server with no recollection of his day to day business.

  9. Bertie - I was referring to your "lack of experience" comment, which, of course, is the dumbest argument for not "hiring" anyone for anything, whether it be a change of gov't or a shop assistant. It's not an argument I've ever put forward, nor implied.