November 17, 2007

Galling Gore

Again, via our Florida friend Cubicle, comes the full extent of the ludicrous claims being made about climate change, most especially the consequences of such.

Please, please do notice that these are assertions, with not a smidgen of science behind them.

The assertions are even devoid of any speck of common sense.

Please also consider that this ignorant prattle is routinely accepted as being objective - and scientific - truth by hundreds of millions of people across the world.

Only two weeks ago, local "comedian / muso / personality" Paul McDermott conflated the Californian fires with the (rather silly) bleating of an archbishop who publicly criticized greenies for foisting their opinions on everyone else (yes, yes: pot, kettle, black). On his current television show, McDermott berated the archbishop, along the lines of: the church is still in denial, even when god writes "yes" in big fiery letters across California. The second part of that line was delivered with absolute conviction, along with exuberance and sweeping arm gestures.

The audience, bless their little idiot socks, laughed heartily, as if archbishops are laughingly stooopid for not appreciating that bush fires are caused by "climate change", because, gee, it's not like the world ordinarily has big bush fires, is it?

(Of course, we in Oz are a tad familiar with bush fires ourselves, most of which are started by humans. Perhaps that is the obscure causal link that people like Gore and McDermott are groping for: humans caused climate change; humans cause lots of fires; if A and B are true, then C must also be true: climate change causes bush fires. See, it's quite easy to get the hang of this shit.)

According to Al Gore:
"The north polar ice cap is melting, the fires are burning, the sea level is rising, living species are going extinct. These and many other manifestations, including half the U.S. being in drought last year, are visible to the naked eye. We have got to recognize that even though it's never happened before, it is happening right now."
Five years ago most adults would have recognized the lunacy of such assertions, without having to Google.

These days, no one bothers to Google for confirmation either, but only because they *know* this is the god's honest scientific *truth*.

People have stopped thinking altogether. They are individually and collectively brain dead.

"Not a single one of Gore's five examples of what's "happening right now" has, as he persists, "never happened before."

Not one.

So in how many ways does Gore deceive?

Given five deceptions in three sentences in one paragraph in just one interview, who can possibly keep count?"
Gore's deceptive Rolling Stone interview ....

You can also read the real truth about the Californian fires here -

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  1. I thought I heard my name ;-)

    Slowly but surely this scam will be exposed. Slooooowly.

  2. Of course, the California fires were at least partly started by humans, too. Kids, in fact.

  3. The little critters were even arrested too, non?

    But lets not allow fiddly little truths to get in the way of a mountain of bullshit.

    It's not helpful to the cause.