November 2, 2007


Rudd is bleating about the Libs copying one of his policies, and he's doing it with a straight face:

A coalition promise to build 50 new family emergency medical centres for after-hours care has been written off by Labor as a me-too promise that copies, almost entirely, its policy.

And while the Australian Medical Association has lent its support to the Coalition's plan over Labor's, emergency medical specialists have condemned the plan as an "old and unsuccessful strategy".

Meanwhile, Rudd has now notched up his 22nd major "me too" policy by matching the Howard Government's $4 billion handout for pensioners.

That would be 22 policies over which the ALP was clueless, so they had to wait until the Libs released their policies.

This is the party people are going to sweep to an unprecedented election win?

If they can't even devise and write policies of their own, how are they going to implement policy and manage the country?


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Ah Caz, but Peter Garrett told Steve Price that labor would change all their policies, once they won government!

    Another Gaffe from Garrett?

    Na.. Just telling it how it will be I reckon.
    So you see, the "me tooism" is just a smokescreen.

    Heaven help us when they get into power Caz!

    WHO The fuck knows what we'll end up with eh?

    Garrett is no different from the rest of them.

    What integrity he had, sadly, disappeared once he joined the ALP.

  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    News (via Tim Blair) is reporting the me-tooism might change after the election. A joke or the truth?

    We'll know for sure in a couple of weeks, I guess.

  3. I'm 100% certain that "me too" will vanish in a puff of smoke after the election Dylan, to reveal the warlocks and witches.

    I'm also pretty sure that we should be re-anointing Rudd as "Tricky Dicky".

    Forget the Costello smirk - on the news tonight, there was Rudd, almost snickering, as he explained:

    "First he says that our policies will ruin the country, then he says that we have copied all of his policies. Mr Howard needs to make up his mind".

    (May not be 100% verbatim, but you get the drift.)

    Rudd is the slimiest piece of scum we've ever had running as a leader.

    Lower than a snakes belly?

    You bet!

    Rudd has no scruples whatsoever.

    Gillard has reared her head to insist that there rooly trooly are differences: "in the policies that matter".


    So the 22 policy areas that they've copied so far relates to all the stuff that doesn't matter?

    The 35% of voters over the age of 55 yrs will be thrilled to know that, as "seniors", they don't matter.

  4. Kath - how is it that voters want a Prime Minister who publicly humiliates and turns on his own ministers on a daily basis?

    Rudd changes with the wind and he hangs out his most senior colleagues ever chance he gets. This has been happening all through the campaign!

    I actually feel sorry for Garrett.

    Well, dumb choice becoming a pollie, it's not as though he needed employment, but he's being done like a dinner by Rudd, along with other ALP members who supported Rudd into the leadership.

    What's Rudd going to be like as a PM?

    Is he going to allow any of his ministers to do their job, or is he going to be a bully boy with a constantly revolving front bench?

  5. Anonymous9:45 PM

    The fact that people are so sick of Howard.. that they will take any thing on offer...even that slime ball gutless Rudd???

    Beggars belief Caz!

    Maybe Harry was right.
    It's pure hatred!??

  6. I think the "Howard-haters" is over-cooked Kath.

    Sure, there's a rabid bunch on the left, lots of them congregated at WD, but since when has WD been representative of any population? It's on the fringe. It's more of a cult, certainly not an organic stew of intellectually refreshing thought.

    I don't like Howard, never have, never will, and I will always hold him solely responsible for pushing the coalition to the edge of oblivion - it is entirely his doing. (If he wins, it will not be his victory, it will be despite him.)

    However, I don't see how anyone, other than the relatively deranged, on the fringes, can "hate" any politician. Why bother? They are pollies, they get voted in, they do their job, they're basically no different and no better than you or me, that is, they are no smarter and often not as smart as anyone else.

    What's to hate? I don't know them. Perhaps they're all turds, but I don't have to have morning coffee with them, so who cares.

    I often dislike what they do, I am often disgusted (yeah, Abbott did himself proud this week - damn fine Christian!), but I can't shift my personal framework to "hate" such pathetically human walking egos.

    Mostly they're just blokes, definitely far more flawed than most, and women, who wish they were blokes, who have no trouble displaying and nurturing their own basket of flaws.

    No, I don't believe Oz has reached a tipping point of "Howard-haters".

    I think voters are just being stupid together.

  7. Anonymous10:34 PM

    " What's to hate? I don't know them. Perhaps they're all turds, but I don't have to have morning coffee with them, so who cares."

    Heh heh heh heh..
    You are priceless Caz!

  8. I'd a marvellous comment written but this bloody "blogger" wouldn't alllow it to be posted.

    My google account apparently doesn't exist. Then it won't post anything....under anything.

    Not the first time - here or Jacob's.

    As you can see: the account exists - when it wants. It's a piss-poor platform.
    Ditch "Blogger".

  9. Is that a new-fangled cat scan machine?

  10. They're a versatile animal Cube!

  11. Bertie - blogger has been particularly buggery of late. It often takes three of four goes to post a comment to Jacob's. I think it took six tries last time I posted at Cube's place.

    The "I don't recognise you" is especially annoying if you happen to be the blog owner, but blogger insists that you are so feeble minded that you have forgotten your google account address and password - even though they have been set to auto-fill for a couple of years!

    One hopes this will pass. It seems to be cyclical with blogger, possibly when they add new features, regardless of how trivial the change, the thing goes all buggy.