November 3, 2007

Ben's final bounce

"Ben Cousins has been ordered before the AFL commission on November 19 to defend a charge that he has brought the game into disrepute or acted in a manner likely to have prejudiced the AFL."
Yes, Ben is in the US, ostensibly receiving treatment for drug addiction/s.
"Evidence the date Cousins must front the commission. November 19. It treats Cousins' claim that he is in Malibu in a rehabilitation clinic with contempt. The AFL knows he is not."
Note the tricky machinations that have gone on behind the scenes (I didn't realize that Cousins was still "listed"):

"West Coast was told to keep Cousins on its list even though he had officially been sacked. The reason was obvious. As an unlisted player the league could not take action."
This is all for show - symbolism, to placate the politicians and the public - with no regard for the individual's well being.

Am I wrong to find it a bit repugnant?

Am I foolish to think that the AFL is not entitled to sacrifice this one man - who has already irredeemably wrecked a successful and highly privileged life; tossed it away - for no useful purpose, other than, belatedly, to salve their own complicity?

Call it what you will, but it isn't "leadership".

Unsavory and unnecessary.

Cousins hit with heaviest blow ...

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