September 21, 2007

Whooooo, hoooooo!!!!!!!!!


We are Geelong, the greatest team of all

We are Geelong, We're always on the ball

We play the game, as it should be played

At home or far away

Our banners fly on high, from dawn to dark

Down at Kardinia Park

So stand up and Fight, Remember our Tradition

So stand up and Fight, It's alway's our Ambition

Thourghout the game we fight with all our might

Cause we are Blue and White

And from when the Ball is bounced, to the final bell



  1. You do realise I have to pretend I don't know you till the whole footy thing blows over right Mum?


  2. Sure, sure.

    But The Golden Child is ours, OURS I tell you!

    He was BORN a Kitty-Cat.

    *Rubs hands with glee. Strokes football. Imagines The Golden Child leaping and running - wearing the blue and white.*

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Listened to the whole thing here on the radio. Sounded like a great game and well done on the win! :)

    What happened to Rocca that he couldn't take the kick in the last minutes?

    Also - unlike the commentators on 3AW - I don't feel a bit sorry for Buckley. You choose to wear that horrendous black and white guernsey and you get no sympathy from me! :)

  4. Well I would say most people would agree that he is to be a footy player. Cant count the amount of times people have said thats the sport he should play when he is older.

    I'll run off to sob in my corner now at the thought of my boy wearing short shorts in winter.


  5. Rocca (I assume thats who it was anyway)got fairy tapped and limped off the field.

  6. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Sound about right! :)

  7. Wow Dylan, can't believe you get to listen to the game over there! Fantastic.

    OMG - the gig is up!

    The Princess (going by her Rocca comment) is clearly a natural follower of AFL, she was born to it, the genes did not fail!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Resistance is futile.

    You're in safe hands.

    You're one of us now.

    Its YOUR fault I watched that 3 mins of the game and I didn't know who it was by name but I used my brilliant powers of deduction to conclude it was the same person Dylan was on about.

    NOT a footy fan here... As I explain to everyone who asks if I like footy "I am Canberran and we just don't do foot ball."

    I even had a laugh at a woman who passed me walking to my car while I was hauling a slab of Strongbows on my shoulder and she said "Gonna enjoy the footy love?" And I said "No, this is for a nerd fest (Wii night with mates over) tomorrow"
    So that alone proves the gene missed me and you cant convince me otherwise!

  9. I know you're in denial.

    It wasn't your powers of deduction that gave you away, it was the comment:

    "Rocca ... got fairy tapped and limped off the field."

    See, you're a natural.

  10. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Yep: includes the radio feeds from 3AW plus the Adelaide, Perth and ABC stations. Nice to have on on a Friday (they are night games so they are on about lunchtime here) though the Grand Final means getting up a bit early on a Saturday morning.

    We get a highlights package on one of the cable TV stations but not even the GF is live on TV. Mum and Dad in England are getting it live but I'll be stuck listening to Rex Hunt's call at home.

  11. So what is "fairy tapping" a footy term? If it is I got it from Mr M, so you can blame him!
    Its not me I swear!

  12. It was the speed and precision of the insult Princess.

    Seriously, surrender while the going is good. :-D

    Dylan - ah, that's pretty cool.

    Ewww - listen to Rex Hunt, or miss the grand final? Tough choice buddy! Minor sacrifice for living in France, I suppose.

    Damn it, I'd be scooting it over to Mum & Dad's place! Can't you tell the new Mrs that you're off the buy a large loaf of bread?

  13. Anonymous1:56 AM

    Well done Caz.


    Watched the game on tv.I'm almost as excited as you mate.

    Rory always says I follow two teams. Eagles to win, and the pies to lose! Tee hee.

    Ah, Geelong did it in style.Your mum must be thrilled too.

    And Chazz, I bet your eyes will be glued to the screen for next weeks grand final..
    If you think mum is bad now, just wait until the Cats win the Grand Final.(and they will)

    Ps Hope you enjoy the sponge cake Caz. With lashings of cream I hope.

    Cats cream Pies!!


  14. Mum has been saying all week that she didn't care how much we won by, one point was enough, so long as we won.

    I don't know about "thrilled" Kath. Even in the last 30 seconds I was having palpitations over the possibility of Collingwood getting one final kick at a goal. Honestly, I was nearly in hysterics Kath!

    Five point win beats the alternative. The week off didn't do our guys much good, they'll need to play more to form next week. Collingwood put up a fierce game, which was to be expected, horrible little buggers.

    Passion fruit sponge Kath (of course), with lots of cream!

  15. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I know what you mean by palpitations Caz!
    That's why I had to "cheat" and check the scores(we had a delayed telecast) at the end of the third quarter.
    I'd have been a raving loony by the end of the game.

    They all laugh at me at home. I become quite loud and effusive and jump up and down when my team are playing, and it's a close game.

    Rory said today that he knew that the pies had lost it because I was so calm in the last quarter, so he suspected I had taken a peek at the final scores.

    I got carried away by the excitement last night, for in truth even though the Cats won the match, it wasn't their best footy!
    I'm sure they won't be so complacent next week.
    They missed a few goal opportunities in the first half, that could of stitched it up for them, imo!
    But your Mum is right, as long as they won it, that's what counts.

    Not good for the old heart though!

  16. I'm sulking, the Cowboys lost


    -- Nora

    Ohhhhh, you're not talking about league...


  17. I know Queensland is a bit backwards Nora, but you still have cowboys up your way?

    Wow. That's almost impressive.

    Kath - loud, effusive, jump up and down? Add in a bit of bossiness and sideline coaching. Not to mention vigorous rebukes and / or abuse, and a side serve of burying face in hands and gingerly peaking out in between the fingers.

    Yep, you, me and my little Mum in the same room watching the finals: me thinks the whole neighborhood would be diving for the ear plugs Kath! :-D

  18. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Well done Jimmy Bartel! Winner of 2007 Brownlow medal.
    First for the club since 1989 (Paul Couch)
    A top young player(23years old) who managed to win the medal after missing the last two rounds due to appendicitis.
    No mean feat that's for sure..

  19. Lost his appendix but won the Brownlow; not a bad outcome for the season, not bad at all, Kath.

    Can't believe it's that long since we got a Brownlow - sheesh! Been a long time between drinks for everything.

    At least one of "our" boys got it. Hope it gives the whole team a boost for Saturday.

  20. You realize I have no idea who this team is or what they're about, but I can tell you that do
    feel a weird affinity towards them because they are cats. I mean, who can hate a team of cats?

  21. Good-o, that will be one more supporter on our side for the finals Cube.

    Every little bit helps, and we have them all over the world - from the Antarctica to Afghanistan (I know this, because it was on the front page of the newspaper yesterday). There were no Florida Cats fans pictured, so you're it Cube!

  22. Rah, Rah, Rah!

    Sis, Boom, Bah!

    Go Cats!

  23. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You do know that you can count on me Caz?

    I will of course be rooting for Geelong on Saturday.

    Just not sure if it will be in the morning or afternoon..

  24. We'll be needing nerves of steel Kath.


    *Casts eyes to the heavens: think positive, think positive, think positive.*

  25. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Anyway Caz, I feel sorry for the poor old Cats, 44 years between drinks is a long time.(There's no way I'd last that long!)

    Port on the other hand have recently won a premiership.( Ah, fook 'em)

    Doesn't Jimmy Bartel seem like a nice young bloke. He was genuinely surprised and appeared stunned at his win.His boyish good looks, charm and humility are certainly disarming.

  26. Port are being unbecomingly arrogant Kath. I just have to hope their grand finals experience doesn't get the better of the Cats.

    They're arseholes!

    Yep, Bartel is a good lad. We have a lot of nice boys on our team; a very fine and talented bunch.