September 18, 2007

Trash Mag Monitor

In a league of their own for "way too much information", Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie, were:

"snapped leaving London's Claridge's Hotel with Madonna carrying a transparent shopping bag containing a - err, (this could get a little embarrassing so turn away now if you blush easily), um, ah - strap-on dildo, called (cringe intensely) "The Purple Penetrator".

"Guy was scurrying along behind her like an excited schoolboy," reports Famous. "He hasn't been this excited since Madge pulled out her conical bra and suspender combo." The alarmingly large implement, pictured on the box, appeared to be a "gift" for Ritchie, who was celebrating his 39th birthday."
via SMH ...

Now that I think of it, Guy Ritchie and Brad Pitt have a lot in common: they both wander around looking like they stepped outside for some innocuous reason and got hit by a fleet of trucks. With Pitt, matters engendering such a look are readily apparent to all. Up until now, the reason behind Ritchie's look weren't fully explained, although we may have had our little suspicions.

Meanwhile: Britney forgot to put her undies on before leaving home - again. Okay, that's not a news flash, but it's a loss for the undies industry. More news worthy is the person escorting Brit-Brit for her night / morning out after her cringe-worthy MTV moment: her brother! Who knew that Brit had a big brother to lean in when the going gets rough?


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Britney will never get a lingerie deal a-la Kylie. It's hard to sound credible promoting a product you refuse to use yourself.

  2. Oooh, there you are; was wondering where you've been Dylan.

    All it took was undies to bring you out of hiding.


  3. Anonymous10:02 PM


    Been moving house, revising some articles and getting a lot of thesis writing done in the last few weeks. Now we are settled and the writing is coming along I have given myself permission to start poking around the blogs again.

  4. I see, I see.

    You had relatively decent excuses then?



    This time.

  5. I would advise the sellers of the Purple Penetrator to invest in some opaque bags, but then again, the P.P. in the see through bag probably was planted purposely for the photo-op.

    Madonna's fans would approve. Purple is the big color this year.

  6. *Phew*

    Up until you dropped by Cubicle, the Purple Penetrator had been, well ... the Purple Penetrator in the corner of the room.

    Good to have it out in the open!

    Down here, pink and lilac mobile phones are supposedly the most popular colors with women (which is really odd, given that I've never seen a lilac mobile, and only a few pinks); wonder if that result holds for "penetrators"?

  7. I've never understood pink as a favorite color. All my life I've loved blue best.