September 12, 2007

She's up and running!


Remember way back when, you know, all the way back in January, when we toyed around with Melbourne performance artist Danielle Freakley – aka the “Quote Generator”?

And remember when Danielle kindly jumped in to personally explain the broader context of her work and its various phases?

Okay, so you've forgotten all about it, but I've had a regular reminder in my calendar to check Danielle's Quote Generator URL, which had so far persistently failured to materialize into a web site, and I reported on such back at the end of March.

Well! And you kinda know where this is leading, non?

The Quote Generator has legs at last, even if only little ant sized ones.

I'm distressed to have to inform you that although the Quote Generator site is finally up and crawling (how hard is it to quote and blog at the same time, 'ey?) it has been established in the dreadfully arty, yet utterly hideous-on-the-eyes manner of black background with white font.

On a more positive note, however, the project seems to have acquired a new aspect, by way of endeavoring to breed an entire parliament of quote generators.
"Currently a site is being set up for selected candidates to converse in Quote Generated forums and chatrooms. 'The Quote Generators Collective' will not have to abide by the rules of Danielle Freakley's 'Quote Generator' solo project."
So as not to frighten off the fearful, Danielle offers encouragement to all comers:
"The selection will be as diverse and unique as the members tastes are. Astute academic convoluted chinstroking banter and words of low brow infomercial sludgy pigslop powwow and anything in between. All are welcome."
Convoluted chinstroking banter and words of low brow infomercial sludgy pigslop powwow?

Err, I think that covers us in a suitably flattering manner, non?

Danielle Freakley - Quote Generator


  1. No way I forgot Ms. Freakley and her magical QG. Now that I've seen it in all its white-on-black glory, it is indeed as pointless as I had hoped. Noteworthy too is Danielle's admonition against (her quotes) "wankery." No worries, Freakley (to use an Ozism).

    Of course, I'm just jealous: She'd never let me be one of the "selected."

  2. There's a bit of freakiness in Ms. Freakley's oeuvre.