September 3, 2007

Rudd wants to take away the hurt

The Internet is playing a slightly larger supporting role in this year's federal election than we have seen before.

By way of assisting that effort the ALP have popped up a little Howard Facts site, which will obviously run a negative campaign for the duration, while assiduously excluding any mention of the ALP or of Rudd, thereby, not at all subtly, attempting to manipulate voters into believing that the ALP and Rudd would never play the negative-nelly card.

This way they can throw mud and make assertions without being caught with dirty hands.

Which is a skill we love in our all pollies, isn't it?

If only Rudd and Gillard would care to present the methods by which they will lower the price of groceries, petrol, housing rents, and mortgage interest rates, all the while making industrial relations fairer and curing global warming. (All of which the Howard Facts site implies they will achieve if they win government.)

(We already know the Rudd method on Iraq: cut and run our 1,500 token services personnel.)

A peculiar design feature of Howard Facts is the provision of petitions for people to sign, currently offering the following non-chocolate coated selection:

  • Say no to Mr Howard's extreme IR laws
  • Act on the Housing Affordabilty Crisis
  • Withdraw our Combat Troops From Iraq
  • Support Commonwealth Funding for Dental Care
  • Australia needs an Education Revolution
  • A Fair Go on Petrol Prices
Alas, the site owners offer no clue as to the purpose or destination of these wholly superfluous petitions.

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