September 20, 2007

On ya Bomber!

The Honerable Kim Beazley MP
Electoral Division of Brand (WA)

Big Kimbo bowed our of politics today, after 27 years of public service and dedication.

A truly honorable man with a big intellect and an even bigger ticker.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hear hear Caz!

    And he was always a gentleman.

    A very caring and sincere man who will be hard to replace.

    *Couldn't help myself. Sometimes, I can be an utter arse....

  2. He is one of the truly good men Kath, which, paradoxically, is why he was never destined to be our Prime Minister.

    [Arses RULE! Big arses rule even bigger!]

  3. I agree Caz, Kim Beazley has proved hismelf a gent of the first order.

    I am reminded of a quote attributed to Kim Beazley snr. I don't know if it's it's apocryphal or not:

    "Labor used to attract the cream of the working class, now it only attracts the dregs of the middle class."

    -- Nora

  4. Omigawd Nora!


    Papa-Beazley was evidently a man with a sharp mind and a quick wit.

    I wish we could ask him for a pithy summary of his thoughts on the ALP today, as things have descended somewhat since what can now only be considered the glory days of the "dregs of the middle class" taking over. :-D

  5. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Bloody Bob Hawke was campaigning in my electorate today(marginal seat of Stirling)

    Ironic really, wouldn' ya say?

    A blast from the PAST to promote the man for the future- Rudd!

    The silly old bugger blowing his own bags, was lapping up all the adulation from the labour faithful..

  6. He looked a suspiciously deep shade of brown-orange baby-poo Kath.

    Not a good look on the lithe young blondes in Chapel Street, rather less becoming still on a man of Hawkie's age.

    OK, I'm being subtle: he looked a fucking dickhead.