September 7, 2007

Baby gimme more

Oh yeah!

For the first time ever, we're going to see what Howard and Rudd can do with an extra one minute.

The heat is going to be on for the boys to perform during the federal election, with free to air television stations given permission to air an extra one minute of political advertising per hour.

Ordinarily confined to a barbarously terse 13 minutes of political advertising, this time we'll be satiated with 14 minutes, every hour, hour after hour.

Well, not every hour, exactly. Only in the alleged *prime time* hours, being the between 6.00pm to midnight, if you're interested in accuracy.

In total, for a six week campaign, for example, we would get an extra 4 hours and 20 minutes of bang-for-our-buck from Homunculus-Howard and Ratatouille -Rudd having it out on our tellies.

Have I said: "oh yeah!", like I meant it, yet?