August 19, 2007

Porky Politics

"[T]he Costello-Howard leadership wrangle obscured what was undoubtedly the biggest porky of the week. Launching his new $600 million rental assistance package, Kevin Rudd set up one of those excruciatingly scripted "photo opportunties" with hard-pressed renter Joanna Harris.

During their "spontaneous" conversation that went to air on the evening bulletins, Rudd did a quick calculation on Joanna's rent and informed her confidently she'd be "$50 a week better off" under Labor.

Except she wouldn't. Because Rudd's plan extends only to new rental housing that won't come on line until about 2011. Bad luck Joanna and the other half a million Australians currently renting.

If Rudd tried that on during an election campaign he'd be finished. Because it's those kinds of lies that count."

Glenn Milne nails it, on page 89 of the Sunday paper.


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Agreed Caz!

    I posted this message on Peter Hartcher's blog(SMH)on the 15th

    Turn it up Pete.
    Rudd was responsible for misleading this woman, and many other renters in the same boat too.
    He is also misleading prospective voters. He needs to do his sums more carefully. The implications are obvious.
    Once again the dudd displays his economic ineptitude!

  2. His plan to help renters (oh, you know, sometime way off in the never never) is even more convoluted than his $500 M plan to help home buyers.

    (from post the other week)

    "Bizarrely, local governments would via to get their grubby little hands on the money, through which they would, by some market miracle, pass on some infrastructure savings to buyers of new houses.

    The "help" to new home buyers (or should that be "councils"?) is also way off in the never never.

    The thing is Kath, apart from creating a massive number of public service jobs to administer these ideas, the direct dollars involved is piddling.

    Oh, and his rental idea has the build-in disaster of being benchmarked against "average" rents. I'd guess those weekly savings will shrink faster than a cashmere jumper in a clothes dryer.