June 29, 2007

Onerous multiple choice

One of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s first chores in office is to write, in his own hand, instructions detailing Britain's reponse in the event of pre-emptive nuclear attack.

If circumstances so transpire, the letter would be opened by the commander of the British Trident submarine, who would have to act on the instruction on the assumption that the PM was no longer able to take “live” command.

Some options for the PM to consider for his letter of instruction are:

  • Put yourself under the command of the US, if it is still there
  • Go to Australia
  • Retaliate
  • Use your own judgment.

John Major is said to have had to have run away from the task for a couple of days, while Tony Blair went white in the face.

I think I’d go white in the face, throw up, and run away.

Nuclear note weighs heavily on leaders ...


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Think I'd just throw up Caz!

    Loved your fencing over at Harry's with Phil.

    Sheesh, he's an agro guy!

    Look, you know I am a christian(as is phil) but I thought your views were voiced very politely and cogently.

    And I thought he was quite dismissive and rude of you and your views.

    In fact he initially ignored you completely.( Kath shakes head)

    I know it is unchristian of me.

    But he is a rude and arrogant bastard, I reckon.

  2. His post reminded me of seagull management Kath: fly in, crap all over everything and fly out.

    I remember him as posting a lot of well considered comments over at WD, in the days of yor, not that I always agreed with him.

    He seems to have morphed into a bitter, nasty old man, demanding that others believe what he does. He all but threatened to send god down to personally smite Solomon. (Obviously not believing the rest of us are worth the smiting effort.)

    All very irrational, but so was his post, as it wasn’t offering proof of anything.

    Dark matter is still up for grabs. Next week someone might work something out and they’ll find its purpose, perhaps they’ll start calling it purple matter, but it won’t prove that the concept of dark matter damns all scientific findings to date.

    His post was kind of random. I don’t understand what he was trying to achieve.

    Oh, and Phil always ignores me, big whoop. I keep toying until I get a bite.

    I rather like the way the thread progressed, apart from anything else, Phil would be furious with the casual off-topic twists and turns, that bothered no-one at all, and is so violently in contrast to the way in which such a thread (kept on topic) would have progressed at WD – it would still be raging out of control, going no where, but fervored and deadly serious. The thread at Harry’s amuses me, purely on those grounds.

  3. Who would be up to such a task? Only a person like this!

    There's an excellent column in The Age today by Boris Johnson about the ascension of Gordon Brown to ultimate power.

  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    The two butterflies, Caz.

    Transformation and metamorphosis..

    Did you come to some realization later in life?

    Not prying, If you don't want to answer I'll understand.
    I like you and am just interested is all.

  5. Thanks for the link Timmy, I missed that one. Lovely little piece.

    Britain, it would seem, is under new leadership, and the times they are a changing.

    Us next? With Rudd immediately making all "colorful language" illegal?

    The US next? Hil with her metaphoric whip?

    The rain descends. I didn't envisage it like this.

  6. There's always one other option in Brown's situation, the old classic, "Put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye". (I use "arse" as a nod to the Brits and our hostette.)

  7. I have to agree with this comment Timmy:

    "Frankly, I'm worried that the parent's first inclination wasn't to comfort the crying (clearly moronic) child, but to film it and send it to YouTube."

    Not that YouTube is to blame: dumbest/most painful/most humiliating /most cruel to animals and / or children "home videos" have been encouraging this behavior in parents for decades.