May 31, 2007

Why Molly?

I will never understand why humans seemingly head straight to the “top ten most popular names” list when they have progeny of their own, but they do it with their pets too.


For gawd’s sake: WHY?

Top ten most popular cat and dog names in Britain:

Top cat names:
1. Molly
2. Charlie
3. Tigger
4. Poppy
5. Oscar
6. Smudge
7. Millie
8. Daisy
9. Max
10. Jasper

Top dog names:
1. Molly
2. Max
3. Charlie
4. Holly
5. Poppy
6. Ben
7. Alfie
8. Jack
9. Sam
10. Barney


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Funny that, eh Caz?

    Have never looked at lists myself, when naming pets or babies.

    My daughter named our ginger cat " Ginger"
    Very original... not!

    Still ... It never made the list. Lol..

  2. I don’t really think people head to “top 10” lists Kath, but jeez louise, they can’t all pick the same old names by osmosis.

    One of my Dad's dogs was Sam, and they've both been dead for decades, yet Sam is still a top 10 dog name.

    So many dogs and cats, all named Poppy and Molly!

    Why, damn it, WHY?