May 5, 2007

Profitable paunches

I’ve already become weary of the fat industry, yet it’s only early days.

The most recent run for turning fat into money comes from the American Journal of Psychiatry, jumping up and down for their share of the weight-obsessions of the Western world.

“Here, we propose that some forms of obesity are driven by an excessive motivational drive for food and should be included as a mental disorder …”

I propose they take their left hands out of the collective wallet and take their right hands off it, before they go blind.

As the Centre for Consumer Freedom so nicely sums it up:

"The psychiatric establishment should remember that obesity is a mouth-related and leg-related (exercise, anyone?) condition -- not a brain disorder."


  1. The American Journal of Psychiatry is the official organ of the American Psychiatric Union ... er, Association.

    Bloody Stalinists!!

  2. If the psychiatrist's union, err, association, had its way, we'd all be diagnosed with multiple mential illnesses, all stemming from the brain ...

    Oh, yeah, well, there ya go: everything we do is a function of the brain.

    See, it really is the brain's fault!

    "People don't do stuff, brains do!"