May 5, 2007

Just like the real workers

ACTU chief Greg Combet has announced he is running for the seat of Charlton, near Newcastle.

This has outraged the sitting member Kelly Hoare, who thought that being the political representative for Charlton for the last 9 years was her job, and only her job, and, indeed, her job for life.

Hoare says she has been "sacked" and was going to (but won't) sue the party for the loss of her job. Which is bizarre. That's akin to one pollie suing another pollie for "stabbing them in the back", which I'd always thought was a core competency.

But, don't listen to me, listen to Hoare bleat:
"I've got a daughter at university and a son on first year apprenticeship wages, and if we lose this income, we lose our house.

You know, it's a fairly disgraceful situation, but what has happened in the last couple of months is that decency and courtesy has been thrown out the door."
Hoare fails to bleat over, or mention, her generous superannuation payout, year after year, which, after only 9 years of serving, will still amount to the average person's salary, but without any tax being taken out prior to it hitting her bank account.

On top of the lifetime income for nothing, Hoare could do what normal people have to do - go get a job.

No, my sympathy bone is not tingling on this one. Not at all.

ABC radio interview ...


  1. Yep, Peter King took it in the neck when Turnbull was parachuted into Wentworth.

    He did it for the good of the party!

    Let no-one forget that the first duty of elected representatives is to their party.

    Why, the PM himself said so not long ago ... and he's my hero!!!

  2. Have you noticed, Jacob, that all the new "high profile" guys are getting safe seats, while all the new "high profile" gels are running in wobbly seats, or firmly Lib seats?

    I hope none of the lasses goes a tearful tanty on us, a la, the one who had an affair with Evans, and who, to this day, insists that her defection from the Dems to the ALP wasn't in the least bit sexually transmitted.

    What a waste running McKew against Howard, hey? McKew is wearing in the chin though. What a little trooper.

  3. Definitely a jobs-for-the-boys taint here, as ever, Caz.

    I saw last week Combet was asked why not take his high-profile into a more marginal seat. He stared down the question with a stock non-answer.

    Then again, judging by Hoare's apparent time-serving mentality, the status quo needed a bit of a shake up.

    Labor is also running, not a celeb candidate, but the WIFE of a celeb, Nicole Cornes in Boothby (SA). Whatever she may be in real life, as a political candidate she's a non-performer. Sheesh, are Labor serious about winning government or not?

    As for McKew, the last Labor candidate in Bennelong polled 28% of the primary vote, while Andrew Wilkie for the Greens got 16%.

    I reckon McKew could consolidate the non-Howard/Liberal vote there and be in with a chance -- but probably not enough to get over the line against an incumbent PM.

    The question will then be: Will she go the distance and take the seat post-Howard? -- which by then could be hers for the taking.

  4. In a hurry Jacob - just heard on radio news that Hoare has been accused of asked a gov't driver for sex??

    Oh jeez!!

    She's gunna be wishing she hadn't had such an almighty public whinge.

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    You know what they say Caz?

    Once a Hoare always a Whore! Heh heh..

  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I didn't think of the obvious Kath.


    What a silly woman, hey?

    The pick-up attempt was recent and a complaint of sexual harrassment was lodged against her.