May 23, 2007

It’s all about me, me, me!

If he never has before, then the Prime Minister has now earned the epitaph "little Johnny Howard".

“Mr Howard said it was both a strength and a weakness that the three most visible ministers in the government - Mr Howard, Treasurer Peter Costello and Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer - had been in the same positions since 1996.”

No, it’s not enough for Howard that he wouldn’t surrender his role last year, because he and the Missus can’t think of what to do with themselves once he leaves politics.

No, it’s not enough for Howard that his party will probably be thrown out of office in an unusually spectacular defeat at the next Federal election.

No, it’s not enough for Howard that he will probably be responsible for leaving his party and the country with an inexcusable and prolonged mess to clean up.

Yes, he has to be a total egoistic child and do whatever he can to damn his obvious and only real successor to hell too.

Have we ever had such a selfish, self-serving, petty, envious and manipulative Prime Minister?

What a smarmy asshole.

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  1. Oh Caz, you seem so sensible in some ways, then so wrong in others!

    What about today's Bulletin poll where 53% said he should have retired, yet 40 something percent thought he would be better than Peter Costello? (I think a bare 17% prefered Costello. I also doubt that there is someone else in the Liberals who the public think he should have made way for.)

    If this poll is correct, it just shows how contradictory the public is at the moment. Howard's suggestion that the public is just toying with him and the Coalition at the moment is actually my favoured theory.

    Costello (for reasons I don't really understand) has never polled well as preferred leader. (People do go on and on about the smirk, don't they?) The only other plausible leader I see is Turnbull, and he is too new to the job to seriously consider. On this basis, Howard staying seems to me to have nothing to do with his having high opinion of himself; it's just politically realistic.

  2. I rather like Comic Strip Hero's take on this.

    Big Media have paid too much attention to this ridiculous story. Lateline's take on it tonight (that it was entirely a media grab by the Howard Government) caused me to rant intemperately for a minute at the television before storming off to my bedroom to read.

    The only problem I have with this post is the American spelling of 'asshole'!

  3. Tim – oh, I know, I succumbed: shame on me. What is it with Americans and “ass”, instead of arse?

    Steve – being newish wouldn’t rule Turnball out – I keep forgetting about him, and he is their only viable alternative – and maybe he is a fresh face that the electorate would take to, if given that opportunity. On the other hand, if he was elevated, a great deal more fuss would be made of his wealth, blah, blah, blah, and Aussies may find that alienating – the electorate tends to prefer the “common” man (even if only a common accent). Heck, they don’t even like our pollies wearing a decent suit (remember Keating and Zegna?).

    Don’t know why Costello polls so poorly, I expect he’d be a decent PM. The smirk is unfortunate, but there are worse failings in a pollie. He’ll still get my sympathy vote, but I image I’ll have another local member by the time the following election rolls around. He’d surely resign if he doesn’t get the leadership - win or lose this election.

    Hard to say whether the electorate is just toying with the coalition. The polling is too strong and consistent to merely be a tease. Howard and the boys could run naked through the CBD and I don’t think anyone would notice or care.

    I’ve said before, and I notice that even Howard (who must read my blog) is saying the same: the economy is so healthy, and has been for a remarkably long time that the electorate doesn’t believe that anyone could stuff it up, not even the ALP. But, an economic scare campaign doesn’t look likely to work for the coalition, not this time.

    I’ll always believe that Howard did the wrong thing Steve. He should have stepped out of the way a couple of years back. We have a relatively childish and conservative electorate. Handing over is always a risk, but successful succession is more important than holding onto yesterday’s glory. If Howard was any sort of a leader he would have acknowledged and acted on that fact (even if only privately). “Given the opportunity” – which Howard refuses to give anyone – the electorate might well have taken a shine to someone new heading the coalition. We’ll never know now.

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Caz, you live on the side of town that Peter Costello represents?

    How's things over there?

    To me, there is a feeling in the air (not unnlike 1996) that says, "change, change, change".

    I'll be assed if there's not.

  5. Well, somebody has to arsk the question.

    But why lay credence in polls? Labor's challenge never is and never will be to beat the Coalition in the polls, but to beat them in the elections. To do this they have to overcome a substantial Coalition majority in the Lower House and an Upper House where the Coalition has strong, though not decisive, representation.

    Two years ago, the media was adamant that it would be 'at least six years' before the Coalition could lose an election. Now, through a couple of opinion polls their way, and all of a sudden their view changes.

    Personally, I think the media have made absolute donkeys of themselves. Worse: they're the ass's arse!

  6. Hmph!

    through a couple of opinion polls their way

    throw a couple of opinion polls their way

  7. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Tim has a good point.

    And the only poll that really counts , is six months away..

    Remembering too Darl, that the economic circumstances of 1996 were much different to what they are now.

    I'm still waiting for some concrete polices from Rudd,before I make up my mind.

    "I'm Kevin, I'm from Queensland and I'm here to help," just doesn't cut it for me!

    And as I have said before, I think that Gillard is a big liability for the ALP.

  8. Anonymous2:40 PM

    True about the economic circumstances, although a lot of people are now caught in precarious employment.

    Kathy, "I'm Darlene, I'm from Queensland". Saying your from Qld should be enough.

  9. I'm glad you're arseking the big questions Tim.

    The swing looks real enough, and remarkably steady.

    Preferences can have perverse unintended consequences; so much hangs on "marginals"; and the upper house is generally a far more stubborn beast to shift than the lower house. ALP could win (by a small bit), but lose the upper house, which would be a painful experience, for all of us, politically speaking.

    I'm with you Kath: chubby-cheeks and his side-kick are a bit soft in the undies when it comes to vision and policy.

    Apart from that: could someone buy Gizzard a half dozen Chanel or Armani suits, and a collection of decent tops and shoes. I am really over her looking like everyone's maiden aunt. The woman needs to smarten up, even if the hair is a lost cause.

  10. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Well Caz, you have me laughing my ARSE off, about those Gizzard comments of yours.

    Even a stud in her nose would be an improvement.

    What about a tat?..
    Naaaaa.. Not visible enough.

    Unless she gets it on her nose, tee hee!
    Then you couldn't miss it!

  11. Anonymous10:14 PM

    I really love this idea of the electorate toying with the Howard government. When the bloke said it himself the straw-clutching was rather achingly obvious.

    Caz is right: the bloke, all full of the confidence that only the firm belief of a Beazley led opposition at the next election can instill, sewered Costello's candidacy at the same time he flushed his government's re-election.

    He decided that only he could do it. He was all smug and self satisfied about having done it as well. Labor would not revisit 2004. It would not punt on yet another untried leader. And then it did.

    JWH has been pushing the excrement and his government back up the the "s" bend ever since.

  12. Steve - I just randomly came across this thread as I was attending to something else, and re-read your comment.

    More than six months out from the election, I called it correctly.

    So, whose a sensible girl then?

    I told you so.

    Sorry: I had to say that.

    I wasn't toying, and neither was the public.