May 25, 2007

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Meanwhile at WD, Felicity refuses outright to give a dying duck. Actually.


  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Ah, sitting ducks Caz.
    Quite a colourful bunch too!

    Except for dowdy Julia in the black, at the end of the line.

  3. Geoff – wow, old Yelwor is one hell of a prick these days; doesn’t even try to hide it. I thought bloggers were supposed to at least feign good manners in front of their guests.

    How dare old Flick utilize ducks for her euphemism!

    It's almost a rainbow of duckies Kath.

  4. Anonymous10:48 PM

    If I hadn't permanently banned myself from that place:

    Actually, Ms Kendall I find "dying duck" much more offensive than "flying fuck". In fact I thought flying fuck was an euphemism for dying duck.

  5. My favorite is the blue one. Happy Friday!!!

  6. I like the red one, because red ones go faster.

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I agree Kathy, Jenny is a very nice person.

    I have never stopped being amazed at the things she comes out with. Living on canned pea soup for a week that had been washed up in a flood. What can you say?

    She too nice a person for that place and she's probably too nice to see that. If it wasn't for the bad words we use a lot I'm sure she would be more at home here or Harry's or somewhere.

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    G'day Geoff.......

    Jenny is too nice for web diary I agree.

    Hadn't had a peek for quite some time, so last night I popped in for a look over a few glasses of wine.
    I dips me lid to her.

    How she can put up with those arrogant fools , I don't know.

    She is the only shining light left at WD these days. Most sensible people jumped ship ages ago...

  9. If I had to pick a favorite - which I won't because all ducks are beautiful in their own way - I say the purple one.

  10. G'day - Geoff & Kath - WD has long been a grubby little enclave in the blogosphere.

    It probably didn't start out that way, although it did always play favorites (it was never a gathering from "all walks of life" - bah! humbug!).

    When you set out to judge from on high, rather than being inclusive, and when you set all kinds of petty rules, and when you put in place a bunch of like-minded tyrant "editors", well, then you have something, but it's not very pretty, not very pure, and not very edifying.

    More an ugly microcosm of the 'burbs

  11. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hey Caz!
    I like the purple one too.
    It's my favourite colour.