May 21, 2007

Capturing our mind-space

Own up, hands up high, come on, every single one of you: how many of you have not heard about “global warming”?

Come, come – wave those hands high in the air, shake them about, and do a little hokey pokey while you’re at it.


I see.

No takers?

Yet, the sole purpose of the Live Earth “multinational phantasmagoric series of stadium concerts on July 7 … is to "raise awareness of global warming".

No money will be raised for any causes.

Several years worth of greenhouse gases will be jettisoned into the atmosphere.

For this “awareness” raising event, people in Australia will pay $99 to attend the concert (or nothing to watch it on telly).

In other words, people will spend $99 to go to a concert, no different to any other concert, with exactly the same outcome as any other concert, except that this one is called “Live Earth”, so that everyone attending will feel warm and fuzzy, which is pretty much how people feel no matter what a concert is named.

I thought the MSM was doing a reasonably good, and essentially free, job of "raising awareness" about climate change.

Oh, let's stop pussy-footing around: for gawd's sake, you can't get away from it!

Is "Live Earth" the single biggest environmental wank / rip-off we’ve had yet?

What next, a flake bake-off at every Fish & Chip shop, to raise awareness of sharks?


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    " What next a flake bake off at every Fish & Chips shop"( Kath stifles a snirtle)
    Yes Caz Live Earth IS the biggest environmental wank we've had!

    Oh yes indeedy!

  2. Perhaps a better analogy would have been "raising awareness of oxygen by asking everyone to breathe".

    That's how bloody stupidly wasteful this is Kath.

    There are real and urgent causes, pick a disease, or pick a country in need of help - so many good and worthy things that could be done with the shit-load of money going into this event and it's all for nothing, absolutely fucking nothing.

    We are "aware" already, you morons!

    "Cashing-in" has never been so crass and transparent.

  3. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Hi Caz,

    I havn't worked out what the point of this concert is either. Certainly in the last year, the general awareness of global warming in Australia is pretty high and the marginal impact of this concert might be pretty tiny.

    There would have been a reason to have the concert 10 or 20 years ago.

  4. It's the "we must be seen to be doing something" syndrome, and yes, it's the stupidest manifestation yet.

  5. Sans blog, CL is still making excellent comments at Catallaxy, and his latest is on just this 'we MUST do something' mentality.

  6. morally aspirational?!

    Oh, jeez, I hope that doesn't catch on Timmy.

    Although it does capture the "mood", in a perverse way.