May 12, 2007

Can Cats do the Eagles?

The Eagles remain the only undefeated side in the competition after six rounds.

The Kitty Cats have great expectations on their shoulders for tomorrow's game.

I hope our boys get a good night sleep and have a hearty breakfast.

Other than that, pray to the omnipotent or omnipresent deity of choice.


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Aww Caz.. Gotta admit I do have a soft spot for the Cats!.

    And Gary Ablett is a favourite.

    Though he will never be a patch on his dad! Gary Ablett snr was something else , I reckon!

    He had such a raw natural talent.. He could have been even better than he was if he had of applied himself.

  2. Whoever wins, a happy mother's day to all!

  3. Kath - I'll say sorry now, okay, but someone had to win, right?

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Congratulations Caz old mate!
    ( Just got home )
    Bet Mum is cock-a-hoop too!

    She should be. The Cats played a great game, and deserved to win.

    They certainly frustrated Juddy..among others.

    Guess I'll have to let hubby back into the bedroom now!!( You will remember I banished him to the spare room for picking Geelong .Heh heh heh..)

  5. No free to air Kath, which I am furious about, as I would have loved to have seen the game ... even if they hadn't won.

    Saw a bit on the news coverage and the Cats were kicking goals like old pros. Which is a strange thing, given that they all too ofent have a habit of kicking points, exactly like old pros.

    I hope two good wins in a row don't go to their heads.

    Gotta love having the Ablett brothers both on the field!!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:54 PM

    The're gonna make it three in a row I reckon.
    Next week they are playing the Freo Shockers at Skilled Stadium.

    I'll be rooting(for want of a better word) for Geelong!!