March 3, 2007

Views of Saturn


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Awesome pics Caz! Those rings are certainly out of this world eh?

    Reminds me too, that it is better to have rings around Saturn, then rings around Ur anus!!

    Sorry Caz. Just can't help myself, heh heh..

  2. Kathy, that's so old the dinosaurs forgot to laugh. Heh.

    Kept myself from looking at your blog till I posted because I KNEW you'd have Saturn pictures, Cazelton. Didn't notice your top one when I visited the Cassini site, though. Holy shit. To coin a phrase. One of the reasons I do river trips is because at night, in a canyon a hundred miles from anywhere, it's so clear you can see literally in to space, Big Bang-ward.

  3. I was delighted to see that you displayed an unusual level of restraint with your Saturn post Drunka. Tasteful, charming, witty, brief.

    Did you notice the likeness of Billy Bob outlined on the surface of Titan? With one of his frisbees, I believe.

  4. I did, but shhhhhhh. Not even Susan can see that one yet.

  5. Spectacular. I was in awe when I saw these pics.

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    How spanking good are they?

    Been following Cassini (since it was launched actually). Jacob would know - we've both confessed to being old "Astronuts".

    I grew up on on Project Gemini and fed myself Apollo until Nixon canned it favour of more munitions for Cambodia - or bugging the Watergate building, whichever was the more costly.

    I've had the Kids and Mum out on the Rectory lawn several nights now since the opposition of Saturn. This four inch refractor is one hell of an instrument. The views - even given city light pollution - are "ooh!" inspiring.

    Had we not spent the money going OS, I'd have invested some in the astro-photography gear.

  7. I'm forever astonished that these things keep functioning Michael; further and further away - so far it's difficult to imagine - yet still sending data back to earth.

    I know there are more important things here on earth to spend money on, but I never begrudge these budgets.

    I especially admire the people who design and build this stuff - how the HELL do they do it?

    Eg, the little Mars buggies? Okay, some of them didn't work or stopped working, but to send a little buggy up to Mars, land it on Mars, and it roams around collecting samples and taking pictures and beaming it back to earth?

    No one can tell me that isn't amazingly brilliant.

    And all the design and technology that goes into obtaining our deep space pics - wow. Unbelievable.

    Unbelievably beautiful. Mesmerising.

  8. Oh, and start filling up the money box, you'll have to get that astro-photography gear.

    I'm forever jealous of your four inch refractor.

  9. Anonymous9:49 PM

    "I'm forever jealous of your four inch refractor."

    Stating the obvious: that's a first from a woman.

    And yes, it is a good refractor. The sort of 'scope I'd have loved to have afforded in my teen years.

    The astrophotography's part of the dreaming Caz. Like most things "esoteric" it also attracts the other "e" word: expensive.

    To think, one could buy the 'scope for $790 and yet, that would possibly buy the camera that might suit the job (digital, full SLR and manual control). Probably not - $1200 up I'd think. That before "fixings" to mate camera and 'scope (also hundreds plus).

    The real danger is that I'm told once you start it's a bit like the boat - take out a mortgage.

    Love to get a shot of Saturn though. The rings are slowly angling back to the edge on. It will be quite some years untill they are wide open again.

    Most likely I'll be in a nursing home by then.

  10. I don't know Father Park: an entry level PC starts at around $1200, and then you start adding in all the bits so that it actually works adequately, and then all the bits that make it beaut to play with, and down the track a few upgrades.

    See, you wouldn't think twice about those expense, not really, but it's on par.

    Besides, your entry to photographing finer heavenly things is only the cost of a small latte each day for a year.

    Starting to look cheap, ey?!

    See, I figure, if I can't have a four inch refractor, and my very own astrophotography, I can at least enjoy you having them.

    You know, a bit like nature reserves or the Wilderness Society shop: I never visit them, but it's sure nice knowing that they're there.

    So, spare coins into the piggy bank!

    Ah, one day, perhaps I'll save up for a refractor of my own, maybe not four inch, but a gel has to have dreams.

  11. Anonymous4:36 PM

    You are a bad girl Caz.

    Temptation smoothly composed in print....