March 25, 2007

There’s Something About Kev

From The Australian, some time during the last week:

Rudd-Mania was sweeping the country, but did anyone really understand why, columnist Peter Ruehl asked. “If anybody has the slightest idea what’s going on in Australian politics these days, please step forward. The rest of us will shoot you. We hate a smart-ass.” Kevin Rudd had “barely cleared his throat since becoming Opposition Leader, yet he’s more popular than Barack Obama at a NAACP convention. I like Kevin, we all like Kevin. We haven’t figured out why we like him but we’re working on it. It helps that his predecessors had about as much rock-star appeal as Prince Charles, so all Kevin hat to do was show he had a pulse and wasn’t crazy. The rest is taking care of itself, at least for now.”


  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Good call Caz! I don't know what it is but there is a touch of South Park about him.

  2. Oh gawd, you're right Brett, and I really wish you hadn't pointed that out.

    Tee hee.

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Agree wholeheartedly Caz.
    But..... something just irks me about the little man...

    Can't really put my finger on it though.

    He does remind me of John Howard a bit, only a younger version .*groan*

  4. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Donkey vote's lookin good..

    Let's drown our sorrows over a bottle of bubbly eh Caz?

    My shout mate!

  5. We could down a bottle, or eight, of that stuff that James recommended Kath.

    Some nice cheeses, fresh tomatoes, biscuits, a few strawberries with melted chocolate, and some other nice nibblies.

  6. Sigh....

    See Caz! I told ya we were twins separated at birth!

  7. Btw.. Have a look at the comment I posted on The Princesse's blog..

    We could really get into the Heemskerk...Know you'd love it!