March 19, 2007

Ten year window?

If the sun spot readings prove correct, the Australian drought will break this year, with plentiful rainfalls into 2008, and normal rainfall patterns for the following decade.

However, our fuzzy-headed politicians will then only have ten brief years to get their act together to build real infrastructure, and to put in place real, equitable and appropriate water management plans, before an even worse drought hits by around 2020.

They can’t claim ignorance, or not having a crystal ball or chicken entrails to predict the future of water in this country. Read the sun spots stupid. They’ve been told. Mark the date.


  1. If the sunspot readings prove correct, then we can also discard the theory behind anthropogenic global warming (ie. human produced CO2 is driving climate change)

  2. The earlier post "Consensus is not Science" addresses the sun factor.

    It's a totally different scientific opinion, and one we're not hearing very much about, which in itself is wrong, and suggests collusion for political reasons, which is plain stupid with such a monumentally huge issue.