March 23, 2007

Ripple, Ripple, who wants a tipple

Continuing a never ending series of environmental messages, sponsored by Duck Friday ™, because ducks are part of the environment and have avowed to offset their farts by 100% by doubling their flying time, thereby reducing their web print.

It’s enough to drive a gel to drink.

Melting ice may affect the ocean waters in such a way as to cause the temperatures in Europe to plunge. As in: it might get really, really, really cold in Europe.

Please also especially note the throw-away comment at the end of this piece:

“Dr Rintoul said that global warming was also changing wind patterns in the Antarctic region, drawing them south away from the Australian mainland and causing declining rainfall in western and possibly eastern coastal areas.

This was contributing to drought in Australia, one of the world's top agricultural producers, he said.”

No, the drought we are having is a normal, predictable, cyclical drought, no different to many such droughts, of the same painful duration, which have occurred at entirely regular and expected times during the last few hundred years in Australia. Perhaps they should have spoken to someone in Oz who actually knows what they are talking about.

If Antarcitc changes caused this drought, starting - eight years ago? - then what caused all of the other, identical droughts? If the drought breaks this year, as predicted, will it mean that the Antarctic changes have miraculously reversed, or will it mean that the causal statements made above are more of what we are going awfully accustomed to and accepting of - jejune, gewgaw and agley science?

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  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    "It's enough to drive a gel to drink."

    Certainly is Caz...

    That's why I'm on the way to gettin' pissed now@!

    Global Warming ..! What a crock!

    I think it was Jay White who said that global warming is the NEW religion!