March 11, 2007

Girls versus Boys

We already understand that Hilary Clinton is bedeviled by personal persona iss-the-ues, but this seems to be spreading to her constituencies – multiple, in order, we assume, to accommodate her many and colorful personalities.

She’s well into her campaign to convince American women to vote for her, purely because she’s a woman, which seems a weak platform. What isn’t clear is how she intends to convince men to vote for her, since she will, if she is to win, require some of the other gender on her side.

Let’s worry about her “conversation” with women first though, since she doesn’t seem to have started her “conversation” with men yet.

“.. she tries to connect with women by expressing her frustration with those men now in charge. In Berlin, she waves her hands in the air when discussing Mr. Bush’s — and Vice President Dick Cheney’s — seeming infatuation with invading Iraq from early on in their administration.

“I’m not a psychiatrist,” she declared, “so I don’t know all the reasons behind their concern, some would say obsession, with Saddam Hussein.”

There is a larger lesson here, girls. “You’ve got to be willing to talk to bad people,” she said. “Sometimes you just have to deal with people you don’t agree with.”

She asked, “Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a difficult person?”

She nodded for emphasis, and many in the audience nodded back at her.”

Analyzing this snippet, applying no sophistication at all, one has to keep control of one’s gag-reflex, lest the keyboard is damaged by up-rising fluids.

Girls”? Oh, how sweet. We girls are all in this together. We girls are all baffled and befuddled by the silly little boys and their silly little boy games.

Saddam Hussein needed someone to sit down and give him a stern talking to, and all this fuss and bother, and the occasional hanging of former dictators, could have been avoided.

Notice that there was nothing wrong with Hussein. The wrong, if fingers are tobe pointed, was committed by those other men who were variously “concerned” and “obsessed” with Hussein, along with being mentally ill; their actions requiring psychiatric interpretation.

Notice too her bald statements of common sense and practicality: “Sometimes you just have to deal with people you don’t agree with.” “Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a difficult person?”

As if she and all the girls in the audience are talking about nothing more challenging than making a decent short crust pastry, or fronting up to parent-teacher night to discuss some not so impressive childhood school results, or negotiating a delivery time of a new sofa.

Mugabe is “difficult”, by my reckoning. I’d like to see Hilary have a chat with him. This week, if she can fit him in.

What I’d really like to know is whether Hilary believes her own cheesy and trite brand of shtick and whether women in America are buying it.


  1. Tee hee! Very good post. I too find her "conversation with America" campaign to be tedious in the extreme. I don't think this woman is going to be the next president of the USA.

  2. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Yes, I suppose it could be said that she "dealt with" Bill.

    Still dealing with Bill possibly.

    Wonder how she might "deal" with those who see to it she's not elected as the Democratic candidate?

  3. I heard her in person one time. She really got on my nerves because she was so patronizing and condescending.

    PS--check what was in the Australian papers about American Indians! I posted it.

  4. I think the whole girl-bonding motif will – surely – fall into disrepute any day now?

    I’m inclined to shriek: “She can’t be serious?!”

    But some serious minds and money went into this cheesy campaign plan, and I know they’re more serious than I can possibly imagine. They seriously think this is a winning formula.

    Snaps - nice to hear from you. Where have you been hiding out young lady? Hmmm?

    I'll pop over and have a read about the Indians - from an Oz paper, 'ey, well I missed that, so it's a good thing you keep me up to date.

    Father Park - I did read, all those years ago, that Bill was the recipient of one hellish and never ending verbal attack once Hil found out the he actually did have "sexual relations" with "that" woman. So, I 'sppose there'll be a awful lot of people in for it if she doesn't get the nod.