March 9, 2007

Duck Friday


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Mmmm.Looks like a

    Drunken me Caz!

    1 Duck (best pluck the duck first)
    2 scallions
    2 slices of ginger root
    2 cups of sherry
    6 scallions

    1. Wipe duck inside and out with a damp cloth. Rub duck cavity lightly with salt. Slice ginger root and slice off scallion roots. Put both inside cavity.

    2. Place duck in heavy pan. Add sherry and bring slowly to the boil. Then simmer covered for about 2 1/2 hours , turning duck several times. Remove duck and let cool. Chop duck, bones and all into bite sized pieces. Serve cold garnished with remaining scallions.

    Of course whilst one is preparing this delectable duck dish, one must also indulge in some considerable imbibing oneself.

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Could be a goer for our James eh Caz?

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    It looks like it has a mohawk. Or, considering the disparity between the fowl species and the hawk species, maybe that should be a fauxhawk.

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    That duck thinks he's a dude but really is a dork.

  5. And not even an attractive dork Geoff.

    He's definitely out of his league trying to compete with pretty ducks, or even with 'ducks, the plastic years'.

    Notice how I deliver a beautiful duck, fresh from the hairdresser, all glammed-up, and what does Kath think: "hmmm, dinner!".

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    A gel's gotta eat Caz!

    You know the old saying:

    A gel cannot live by booze alone. (so why not combine the two I say!)

    Up there for thinkin' Caz!

  7. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Cool hairdo!

  8. Hey Kath, how's Cyclone George been treating you?

    Is that why you've resorted to threatening to eat the wildlife? Your local butcher was sweep away, or something?

  9. Anonymous6:36 PM

    It was a mystery what happened to Yahoo Serious after he invented the nuclear powered guitar.

  10. Yahoo was never as handsome or funky as this duck Geoff.


  11. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Yeah George was a real bastard Caz. Two people were killed and about 20 others injured.

    Certainly glad I live in Perth!

    Actually I REALLY adore duck.

    A few years ago I would regularly have deep fried duck in plum sauce at a quaint little Chinese reataurant.

    It was to die for!

    The delightful chinese couple who owned the restaurant have since retired, and I have never eaten duck as good as that since.

  12. Hmmmmm - deep fried.

    Hmmmmm - plum sauce.

    Hmmmmm - does anyone know how to pluck a fresh duck?

  13. This is a splendidly handsome duck. The punk hairstyle is really sensational.

  14. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I am a duck expert.

    Plucking? no

    Eating. Absolutely

    Chosing. Definitely.

    Nothing like decent Cantonese "roast" duck. Never buy where it says "deep fried".

    Next time you're in need of a good duck Kathy, just let me know....

  15. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Thanks Mike! I'll add you to the list..

    Er... was that a good *uck or a good duck mate?

    Guess I can't go wrong either way eh?

  16. Why's everybody plucking (uh, picking) on the little fellow? He's just trying to express himself in a world of conformist waterfowl.

  17. Maybe it's not a mohawk.

    Maybe it's a coxcomb.

    Either way, this duck is confused: hawk or rooster?

    He's more of a dick than a duck.

  18. Can't a duck be an individual?!


    Father Park: Put it away!!!

    This is a family blog!

    Kath - what would Justin say? 'ey? 'ey?

  19. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Well Caz, think about it. what's the worst that could happen?

    When I do duck it's always safe duck. No Duck Transmitted Diseases here I'll let you know.

    Can't be dropping off with bird flu now...

  20. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Ah Caz.. But you wouldn't tell Jus would ya ?

    Mates don't dob on one another..

  21. Crikey moses Kath! That's a tough decision.

    What sort of sherry do you use for the duck recipe - dry, medium or sweet? Or if you wanted to be poncy like me - Fino, Amontillado or Oloroso?

    By the way, I am rather partial to a good sherry or several - Harveys Bristol Cream or the premium Seppelt range. The duck can make do with McWilliams Royal Reserve.