March 11, 2007

Clowning around at the edges

Much hoo-ha and much ado in our part of the universe in the last couple of weeks, with both sides of Federal politics shoving each other over in the playground in increasingly desperate maneuvers to climb the mythical heights of an imagined moral high ground.

First we had Cabinet Minister Ian Campbell diving overboard for sharing oxygen in the same room as Brian Burke.

Then we had three of Howard’s Queensland members raided by police and now under investigation for improper use of parliamentary allowances.

And a short few days ago Rudd’s would-be if he could-be Attorney-General in-waiting was forced to resign when it came to light that seven years ago he had provided the light-footed and whereabouts-in-some-foreign-country-unknown Tony Mokble – husband, devoted father, womanizer, convicted cocaine importer, accused murderer, now on the lam with his mistress – with a sterling personal reference to support his application for a liquor licence.

Many a forest and much bandwidth has been chewed up and spat out over these matters, most particularly how marvelous and commendable it is that politicians are resigning when they do wrong (pretty much unheard of in this galaxy) – well, two pollies, anyway, and that’s almost the equivalent of an entire phone booth full of pollies, so, in the scheme of things, that's a rather impressive number as far as numbers go.

The strange thing is: following their grand gestures of resignation, neither of the two men is suddenly naked and unencumbered of politician status. They are both still politicians, no by-elections will be held, and in today’s papers the wanna be Attorney General, Kelvin Thomson, is being bravely defended by his party, which insists that he absolutely will not be losing his pre-selection spot.

All that either man “resigned” from was a ministerial position; one actual, one shadow. Neither man is unemployed, neither man has left parliament house never to be seen again, other than on a street corner begging for a consultancy job in the private sector. Both men have a likely return to the front bench in their respective political futures.

Try "resigning" like that at your place of work and see what happens when you walk back into the office the very next day, as if nothing is amiss.

All this carry on and moral-high-ground-tousling is a side-show mockery of us all.


  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Yes, Caz! You are most certainly correct!

    How we can all be sucked in by these travesties is a mystery to me.

    And what about the political tit for tat games between both parties eh? (school yard stuff)

    Shit ! No wonder I am a cynic..

    The question is Caz..
    Who does a gel vote for?

  2. If it's about trust and ethical behavior and credibitly, there is no one we can vote for without blushing Kath.

  3. Well, we've got good ol' William "Freezer Bill" Jefferson. Call it a tossup.

  4. Oh wow Drunka, I wish we had an FBI, our pollies don't have anywhere near that much fun.

    I'm desperate to hear "the other side of the story".

    I'm particularly taken with his aspiration to "reestablish the truth". Something many of us wish we could do with large chunks of our lives.

    I'm also tickled to see such lively use of "comity". Now that's not something you see everyday.

    " ... along with other arguments of comity ... It was a curious time to be talking about comity, but Jefferson is a man of many comities."