February 28, 2007

Second Best

We’re still the biggest fantasy island in the world.

If money was no object, Australia is the place everyone wants to be, for a visit, if not forever.

However, we’re only number two in the hit parade of friendliest nations, robbed of the number one spot by ….. *gasp* … CANADIANS!

Damn those Mounties!

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  1. I'm sorry, but the people surveyed are morons.

    How can I say this? Well, did you notice that Australia came 31st out of 35 candidates in "perceptions of cultural heritage". That in itself doesn't mean much. However, the fact that Australia beat the USA in the cultural stakes marks those questioned out as utter dolts. The USA is obviously, undoubtably the most culturally rich and diverse nation on earth.

  2. That pic gives me the creeps.

  3. James, sweety, are you losing the plot over there in the West?

    America might have a diverse population, but to state that the US is obviously and undoubtedly the most culturally rich nation on earth is an extreme and unsupported position.

    As but a baby nation, Australia does not have an expecially rich culture, (and yes, I include the original inhabitants in that, although they've been here much longer), and it's not something we can ever play "catch up" on either - heck, not our fault it too so long for anyone to invade this land, and we've been culturally running from behind ever since.

    America on the other hand is much older, leading to a rich and extraordinary history, but history and culture are not one and the same. America certainly contributes to and contaminates the contemporary global culture, but I wouldn't call that culture "rich"; actually rather the contrary. The internal culture of the US is undoubtedly far richer than that which they *export*.

    So Drunka, you're not one of the friendly Canadian's who helped put Canadian's on the top of the friendly pile?