February 7, 2007

Oh Bill

Bill Gates has great faith in the Russian legal system, and equally great faith in the robust and ethical nature of Russia’s commercial enterprises.

Even Mikhail Gorbachev could not persuade Bill to come to the aid of a Russian school principal charged with software piracy.

Seems that Aleksandr Ponosov went out and purchased computers for his school, as you do, which already had unauthorized Windows software installed. Now he is potentially looking at time in Siberia.

Bill doesn’t care.

Praising Russia’s enforcement of intellectual property rights, Microsoft sought to distance itself from the prosecution in a statement issued by its public relations agency in London.

“Mr. Ponosov’s case is a criminal case and as such was initiated and investigated by the public prosecutor’s office in Russia,” said Microsoft, whose European operations are based in Paris. “We are sure that the Russian courts will make a fair decision.”

“We do respect the Russian government’s position on the importance of protecting intellectual property rights.”

Even President Vladimir Putin has condemned this prosecution – during his annual news conference, no less.

Not Bill.

Bad form Bill, very bad form.


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Bill is so high in his ivory tower he forgets that things might look different to the rest of us down below in the mud. Management disconnection is as old as time - when Marie Antoinette was told the people were rioting because they had no bread, what was her response? "Let them eat cake."

    Obviously she had no clue as to the life the commoners led.

    The Beast remembers an infamous employee meeting he attended once at a large coroporation. The President of the company, having given the same speech many times, apparently forgot that this time he was talking to workers, not management. And so when he came to the portion of the talk regarding the yearly wage he announced blithely that there would not be one because "Formerly this company paid wages in the upper tier of averages for the region, but over the past five years we have worked it back down to the middle, successfully." He said this with pride.

    This prompted The Beast to shoot up his hand. When called upon The Beast asked "So how many more years will you have to work to get it to the bottom?"

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Er, that should read "The yearly wage RAISE"...

  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Song for Bill

    Bill, I love you so I always will
    I look at you and see the passion eyes of May
    Oh but am I ever gonna see my wedding day
    I WAS ON YOUR SIDE BILL, when you were losin'
    I 'd never scheme or lie Bill, there's been no foolin'

    But kisses and love won't carry me 'till you marry me Bill....
    I love you so, I always will.....

  4. Anonymous11:34 PM

    You'd never write a " Death In Lovers Lane." Eh, Caz!


    Yeah.. Can't see it myself!

  5. Bill proves that being rich and being smart can be mutually exclusive events.

  6. Maybe Deaths in Frankston,Kath.

    What do ya reckon; or is that too obvious?

    The Tracky-dak Deaths in Frankston ... hmm, see I could warm to writing the titles.

  7. Nobody expects the Fifth Dimension!