February 13, 2007

Love in the Pen

In Melbourne, single women out number single men, thereby creating a degree of mild discomfiture for local ladies of a certain age.

Are you easy going, open minded, and over thirty? Yes? See, I thought you were!

Randy Sands from Florida might be your dream match. He’d be particularly well suited for ladies who experience a touch of insecurity within their intimate relationships, because Randy won’t do anything to incite jealous rages from you, at least not until he’s released in 2023.

More likely lads – an entire prison’s worth – can be found at Hot Prison Pals.


  1. Macauley Culkin is the creepiest. And no, I didn't hit the Hot Prison Pals link.

  2. This is a weird post. I won't go to Hot Prison Pals, I wont even go to Hot Prison Pals' Cats site. I feel very strongly about this.