February 10, 2007

Girly Men

On the runway recently Thom Browne offered up his latest collection for men.

You'll need to click the link in the first line of the post for the pop-up window (you can "skip the ad") for a selection of photos from this adventurous outing.

What struck me was not how silly men might feel going to the office without trousers, yet with a nice silver train; or sans trousers but with a lovely pair of ribbed over the knee socks to go with their jacket and tie; or perhaps a fairy cape and matching fairy trousers for a night out to the theatre; nothing so practical or self-conscious crossed my little mind.

All I could think was that these are precisely the stylistic creations that are made for and draped on women - not just on the runway - and remarkably, no one laughs, least of all women.

Whatever the blogger and the commenters on that post may think, I'm rather inclined to believe that Thom is poking a bit of fun at the absurdity of women's couture as well as the ready-to-wear. He is almost hinting and winking, perhaps subliminally: "Ha! Men can look as stupid as women. So there!" And what a superb, beautifully crafted, job he does of it too.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    "My EYES! MY EYES!"


    Even the models looked ashamed to be wearing such truck.

    Teenage girls around here are wearing camouflage fatigues to school and the boys are supposed to be in knee socks and skirts? NO way. The assault on masculinity continues apace, but The Beast wagers women will not like what they morph their men into.

    Of course to even buy this stuff they will have to wade over the pile of dead bodies outside men's section of the department store.


  2. Ashamed?

    Hmmm, certainly a tad surley.

    I'd mud wrestle him for the black coat with white fur trim.

    Mayb consider arm wrestling for the grey fur wrap.

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    The Beast will settle for his usual lounging attire:

    Wetsuit and Lederhosen.

  4. Caz, I'm not going to recover from this one.