January 17, 2007

Yes Virginia – this is what it looks like

Patrick has found a marvelous piece of investigative journalism, about a particular brand of expensive Texan chocolates, as it happens. Patrick has called his post Food Wankery, but it’s all too easy to imagine, or dream, of several million other products on the market being given the same treatment.

[Women’s cosmetics anyone? Or women’s anything really, from perfume, to face creams, to white puffy blouses. Children’s educational toys perhaps? Designer kitchen accessories? Come to think of it, accessories, period.]

It won’t ever happen of course.

It’s a longish piece, but truly worthy of your time.

You’ll have no end of fantasies about enjoying a world full of such wonderful investigative journalism. A world in which consumers had no choice but to confront truth, and who could, therefore continue, if they so wished, to collude in being exploited dimwits, wasting their hard earned dollars, but at least they would do it in full unadulterated knowledge of their idiocy, and wankery.

Of course, quality investigative journalism in many other spheres of life the universe and everything would be quite nice too.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Fascinating read Caz.

    Compelling investigative journalism.

    What a couple of shysters are Merrem and Houghton eh?

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Btw Caz,see you and Pink have something in common.

    In talking about her affection for Australia she mentions that she had her "Tatts" done here!

    She seemed pretty pleased about that~

  3. Shysters Kath? Oh, yes, that's right, they were accountants, before they became chocolate packaging people.

    How curious that Pink had her tatts done in little ol' Oz.

    I hope she develops a greater level of affection for our sheep and sheep farmers while she's out here this time.