January 31, 2007

We're HOT

Australian's rate themselves as the world's greatest lovers, according to a survey of 2847 people.

Well, we would say that, wouldn't we.

We're also unspeakably romantic, with 87% claiming they would move countries for love.

[Wow, we must be good if we can move entire countries - plural. Others can only fantasize about that kind of prowess.]

Not at all hot ...

Author of The Rules, and divorcee, Ellen Fein, is being sued by her former dentist for defamationm, to the tune of $6.5 M. Seems she set up a little web site, subtly called Lying Dentist, in which she outlines her case against Dr Rosenthal, who, she claims, gave her ENORMOUS bottom teeth. This, she claims - or "complications" from such - led to her divorce. Moral of the story? Having HUMONGOUS bottom teeth is not one of the time tested secrets to capturing and keeping the heart of "Mr Right".

Via Melbourne commuter newspaper mX, Janaury 31, 2007


  1. Don't know about them other 2846 fellas, but I'm fuckin' grouse.

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    As I knew you would be James!

    You are after all from the best state in Oz!!

    Yes, we're a hot lot in the West.


  3. Reminds me of the old Emo (no, not EMU) Phillips line: "I'm a great lover. I'll bet."

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Australian women are the hottest in the word - can''t speak to the men; don't care.

  5. This is a good piece of work. Quiet hilarious!