January 4, 2007

Small thoughts

Britain joins chorus against Saddam killing” … I am the only person finding this belated commentary and new found outrage, err, you know, really galling?

Some of our Federal Senators are demanding a visit to US military’s Guantanamo Bay prison – I say: send them, send them now!

Meanwhile, in the realms of yet more wasted research funds (is there no end?), Australian academics are going to spend a couple of years working out why customers get pissed off with poor service. Notably they are only going to bother looking at what triggers customer “rage” – the rest of us, meaning 99.9% of people who put up with appalling, rude and ignorant service won’t get a look in.

Would you like to know why the academics are undertaking this important work? I thought so:

"If we can predict the things that trigger customer rage, we can stop most of it from happening."

Wow, impressive thinking, hey?

(Made me wonder: if academics could predict what triggers climate change, could they stop Gerbil Worming?)

A distinct inability to appropriately and objectively define the parameters and goals of the research have already formed into a scabby hard crust:

"The research has all sorts of implications for the recruitment and training of staff," he said. "Already we are seeing some patterns forming. There seems to be some correlation between someone's personality type and their propensity to fly into a rage."

Yes, I see.

The results will help with recruitment and training … particular personalities are more prone to rage … yeah, right … so, they’re going to recruit and train staff to identify the personality types of customers within 20 seconds of encountering the customer, or perhaps before the customer even gets to the counter? Is that what these geniuses are thinking? Or are they randomly joining together entirely unrelated practical and psychological matters? Which tends, by and large, to be the forte of many researchers.

Small tip to these guys: if customer facing staff (either real life or on the phone – the latter being the mechanism for delivery of a great deal of so called customer service) are so blessedly incapable of identifying when, how, and why they are being obnoxious, imbecilic and inappropriate customer service providers, then how, how pray tell, could they ever be trained to identify, empathize with and divert potential rage in the downtrodden recipients of their lackadaisical service provision? They have insufficient courtesy and knowledge to identify and look after their own belly buttons for goodness sake.


  1. No, you're not the only one to get p*ed off at the confected outrage at Saddam's execution. The reaction is bizarre, really; five years ago, apparently, we shouldn't have toppled Saddam because it was 'interfering in the rights of a sovereign country.' Now we're supposed to be to blame for Saddam's execution even though it was just a judicial made by - wait for it - a sovereign country.

    It's so terribly hard to know what we should be doing! Those pundits wouldn't just be using world events as a way to blame us, would they now?

  2. I remember not so long ago when Saddam was found cowering in a hole, the speculation was that the soldiers could have, and perhaps even should have, taken their shot. However, being far more honorable than Saddam, they bought him in alive to ensure that justice was both done and seen to be done.

    .... now we get this bullshit about a hastily executed and / or unnecessary death penalty.

    Could they choose one bloody narrative and stick with it?

    What a pack of big girl's blouses, truly.

  3. In the paper today: “Has any filmed event won fewer hearts and minds? JFK's killing perhaps … “


    Let me repeat that: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have GOT to be kidding.

    But it goes on …

    “And who will trust the Americans now …. “.

    This is MSM hyperbole at it’s worst and most pointless.

  4. I think a Guantanamo solution would have been better for Saddam, simply because I oppose the death penalty.

    what triggers customer “rage”

    Stupidity. Stupidity creates irate customers. Sometimes the customer-facing staff stupidly (and unnecessarily) goad a customer to intense rage by making a big deal out of something that needn't be and...well...there's a million different ways to rile up a customer. I'm working my way through the list. Often, it's the customer who gets enraged because they *think* they've been slighted by the service provider, because they're too stupid to understand the nature of the arrangement between them and the service provider. This gives them, in their mind, a justification to crank the hysteria level up to ten.

    It's all about the stupid.

  5. I'm perpetually ambivalent about the death penalty; context and justice play a part in my thinking for individual cases.

    "It's all about the stupid"

    I think we should drop a note to those academics and request they send you a cheque for the grant funds. Years of work, by them, no longer required.

    Damn it, if only we could stop these inconsequential and misguided studies so easily James!

    What will it take? What will it take!

  6. Anonymous11:03 PM

    You are right James! It is all about being stupid.

    For every rude shop assistant there is a rude customer.

    I was administration manager for a large retail company a few years back.

    I had on occaisons cause to counsel and caution rude staff.

    Unfortunately, when it came to rude customers , one had to bite one's tongue.

    One day however a customer told me to " get fucked" because I would not allow him to cash a cheque. The person in question had insufficient identification.
    I told him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour was unacceptable..

    Really would have liked to tell him to "fuck off" but I remained calm and composed.

    See, customers can say any thing really and not be penalized, and they know it!
    Staff on the other hand, risk censure and job loss...

    Only the real stupid ones persist with rudeness..

    We certainly don't need some fuckin' academic wasting the taxpayers money, to tell us the bleeding obvious.

    For the record I too am agaist the death penalty.....
    But with Sadam... Hmm gotta admit I am a bit ambivalent there.

    It is hard, though, when someone is intrinsically evil, as was Sadam Hussein!