January 16, 2007

Rocky Road

Sixty year old Sylvester Stallone (ooh, lookey, a new tongue twister!) is busy promoting his sixth and latest Rocky movie … "and hopefully his last.”

Yes, we hold onto that hope.

"It was physically hard. I wanted this film to maybe be the last ever."

Hear, hear! But what's with the "maybe"?

"I knew I was going to be laughed at and looked at like the biggest fool in the world.”

Oh good, no surprises then.

"My wife cried.”

As did we all.

“She didn't want me to do it.”

Smart woman.


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Let it go Sly....

    Ya silly old geezer!

    Sheesh, what some guys will do for money!

    Look.. I really enjoyed Rocky, and even Rocky 2 was okay....
    Enough already!

  2. Gee Caz, just read your post over at Drunka's.
    Hope everything is back to normal, for you mate.
    I remember a couple of years ago we had a power failure for nearly 24hrs.
    Had to get ice and put everything ino eski's.
    I remember it well 'cause I ended up with food poisoning as a result( Ham was obviously not kept at a cold enough

  3. The next one will be Rocky on Life Support ;-)

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Power failure lasted about four hours or something.

    Couldn't watch any telly.

    Stallone just doesn't know when to give up. Is the plot about a 100 year old boxer or something?

  5. Cube, don't put the idea out there ... "Rocky on Life Support" ...

    Oh, umm, did you mean Sly on life support, or the audience?

    Yep, powered-up and all back to normal Kath, but I did think about the food poisening thing - took a chance on a small snack. (Well, I was gettin' hungry!) Stuff in fridge was still surprisingly cold, despite the heat / no power combo - drinks were still chilled, ah ...

    We've lost a million hectares to fire so far, and it now looks like we're sending fire into NSW, via Thredbo. That's a bit unfortunate; hope it doesn't take hold. Can't knock the efforts of the fire fighting folk, but it would be pretty bad if can't keep things from spreading into another state.

  6. Darlene - all I know is that the latest is sylvester stallone at sixty in his sixth rocky.

    He gets to play a widower, so, naturally, when that happens, and you're old, you go straight back into boxing.

    I gather that the film was emotionally taxing on Sly, as he gets to "shed a tear". Not sure if the tear is in relation to pain experienced in the boxing ring, the death of his screen wife, humiliation at having to make yet another Rocky film, or how strange his face looks with the botox and other age-defying work.

    Whatever - he gets to have a small cry about it, and the audience shares his pain.