January 11, 2007

Loaded Poll

What are the odds of Julia Gillard being voted amongst the top 50 sexiest babes in Australia?

Rather good actually.

Local men’s mag FHM is conducting their annual sexiest babes vote as we speak, and Julia is one of the lucky nominees.

Along with each of the other 86 nominees, Gillard – who struggles to look kempt on good days, and whose idea of a flattering frock is a grey pin stripe pant suit worn with a neat button up blouse - has a whopping 57 per cent chance of ending up on the vaunted top 50 sexiest list.


  1. Okay, I looked everywhere among the pictures of attractive young ladies kissing each other and couldn't find what "FHM" stands for. Funny Hats Monthly? Freezerburned Ham Magazine?

  2. Fuggly and Handsome Men?

    Fresh Home Makers?

    French Hand Maidens?

    Perhaps one of the local lads has access to this esoteric knowledge.

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    The Beast is a thin-blooded New Englander so naturally he thinks all Australian women are hot.

    However, in a land known for sun-bronzed beauties he finds it hard to believe that they couldn't find a lassie prettier than HER to put in the list?

  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I hate the emphasis on looks, but Gillard needs a stylist, baaaaaad.

    She constantly wears ill-fitting suits.

    And even though her boyfriend is a hairdresser, well.....

  5. Drunka - FHM = "For Him Monthly"

    I think you'll agree that our versions were better.

  6. Thanks for drawing attenting to yourself Hairy Beast - like your blog, good stuff.

  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The honor is all The Beast's, he assures you. Glad you liked the blog, yours is superb as well.