January 28, 2007

A lack of understanding

The online version of this story oddly leaves out the aims of the film makers in question.

In case you’re wondering why they are turning the repulsive criminal episode of Sydney gang rapes into a tax-payer funded film; in their own words:

“Mr Hammond hopes the film will be “provocative” and highlight “the misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

Uuh ha. Ya wanna run that past me again?

”We’re trying to make something that has more global ramifications, particularly between the Muslim and non-Muslim world, and explore the fact there’s a lack of understanding, which creates conflicts.” [pg 12, Sunday Herald Sun, January 28, 2007]

Oh, well, sorry, I still don't understand.

[PS. The online version, unlike the newspaper version, omits that it was Lebanese Muslim gangs raping Australian girls.]

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