January 26, 2007

Duck Friday

Ta da!

Yes! It’s the duck cake that The Princess made with her own delicate little hands to celebrate the second birthday of The Golden Child.

(He can say “quack, quack” almost on command too. The Golden Child that is, not the cake.)


  1. Yeeehaaaw!!!!

    Loving it. The family unit is so not dead. Best of the bestest wishes to all concerned.

  2. I'm hoping The Princess (TM) will expeditiously post photos of her wildly successful family gathering compliments of MY Hainan chicken recipe.

    Just a hint, mind you.

  3. The cake can only scream as it's eaten. Happy Australia Day to all you upside-down folks!

  4. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Caz! What a clever girl your daughter is....(Takes after her mum I reckon!)

    I'd wager not too many princess's would be able to whip up such a wonderful cake as this cute ducky one.

    Seems almost a shame to eat it.

    I mean.. It's a work of art isn't it?

    Happy Birthday to the Golden Child too BTW..

    Well, off to the beach with the tin lids and hubby this morning.

    Going to be a hot one here today!

    Hope you and your family have a good day Caz


    (Bit early for a champers, so I'll just toast you with my coffee heh heh)

  5. That is a beautiful cake. It almost looks much too beautiful to eat... almost. Look at it this way, it will live forever in the blogosphere.

    Hope your grandbaby has a great birthday.

  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    An impressive cake indeed.

    Cubicle, the true beauty is IN the eating!

    Happy Duck Friday and Australia Day, all!

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Wow. I can't even make square brownies in a pan. It's hard for me to imagine how one could make a duck-shaped cake. A duck-shaped cake, I tell you!! Amazing.

    I especially like the frosting pond.

    Happy Australia Day! I will soon (two hours to go until it's Friday here) have an ostrich for my Weird Bird Friday in honor of the occasion, although I have since learned that ostriches don't really have anything to do with Australia, but rather only live "naturally" in the wild in southern Africa. Apparently the ones in Australia are escapees from ostrich farms that subsequently went native. Regardless, they're definitely weird birds.

  8. Oh, dear Mrs Drunka - EMU, EMU, we have EMU!


    Too late now. I suppose ostrich is near enough, without being at all the same.

    Yes, I thought the personal pond for the duckie was a lovely touch Mrs Drunka.

  9. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Hmmmmm.... Well, actually, it's not too late since it's still not Friday yet. I could save my ostrich for later and substitute a nice little emu head this week. I do have a nice little emu head, by the way. All pictures were taken (of course) in Mexico, but at least this way I'll have the correct continent of origin.

    I'm on it!!

  10. Far be it for me to suggest that a perfectly good ostrich should be dropped in lieu of a handsome emu, but, well, you know ... it IS "Austrayya Day", an' all.

  11. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Quark, er Quick Caz!!

    Quirky quixotic Timmy is quaffing

    Quak in Queen size quantities over

    at his quaint little blog..

    Quintessentially quackers methinks!

    How queer


  12. I know Kath, but I’m still a bit speechless.

    Duck out of a can?

    How gauche.

  13. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Yes Caz..
    Certainly is lowering the standards!!

    What a dabbler( also pertains to ducks)Timbo!

  14. Anonymous1:51 AM

    What a gorgeous pic Caz!!

    Gee, the golden child sure is a little cutey.

    I bet that cake was yummy!

    Hey! Where's my piece?

  15. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Actually Caz, had just watched the movie "Saw" on Tele.

    You know, that horror/thriller, with an unusual twist at the end.(I'd never seen it before)

    Gotta admit, didn't see it coming.

    Anyhow after that I was wide awake, so I switched on the 'puter for a while.

    Then I saw that lovely pic of yours.

    Gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

    Bit like having a soothing cocoa before bedtime..

    Yeah ,it banished all thoughts of screaming amputees.. And I slept like a baby.

  16. He's a real little "mini-man" Kath. Didn't have good one of him smiling - he has lovely happy smile - had to settle for pic where both Mother & Child at least had their eyes open.

    Glad you could feel the soothig warmth from the happy family snap. I can't believe you sat through "Saw" - ye gads! I don't think I could; the ads were enough for me.

  17. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Well I have to tell ya Caz, I did wince and shut my eyes a bit.

    Particularly when the Doc was "sawing" his foot off(blood drains from Kath's face)

    But I just had to watch it to the finish.
    It sucked me in a bit as movies sometimes do.

    So even though I was repulsed by the gore, I just had to know how it ended..

    It was a bit over the top and implausible in parts but the suspense was good.

    Besides, I got to sit in air conditioned peace and quiet..

    All alone!!!(Ahhhhhh.)

    And watch the WHOLE movie.

    Which was a nice change!

  18. Off with its head!


  19. Nice pic of the kiddlies, Caz, but did you have to show the poor li'l duck with his head off like that? I cried a little.

  20. It was the head or the fluffy butt Drunka - one of which had to go first.