January 12, 2007

Duck Friday

Melbourne's Mayor, John So, gets in some early training for the Australia Day duck race.
Up to 30,000 yellow rubber ducks will race along the Yarra River on January 26 to honour the 100th anniversary of Surf Lifesaving Australia.

Update: Important Message - No one (including you know who) is allowed to read or click on any duck posts or duck type links over at Opinion Dominion. It's TOP SECRET duck business. Leave it to us experts, 'kay?


  1. Caz, did you notice my duck post today? Ornithologists are the wackiest people.

  2. Oh WOW - that is so cool Steve - I'll have to have a closer read when I'm ... err, you know ... not doing *important* things ...

  3. Hysterical!

    What's happening with your Ozzie birds?

  4. Birds????


    I suspect that you're thinking of some other blogger Snaps.

    This blog has no birds.

    Ducks, DUCKS, is what we have here; specifically, "DUCK FRIDAY" (TM).

    It has ever been thus, it will always be thus, so say us all.

  5. Amen. (jgm "ducks" away from Caz's fist.)

  6. *Sniffle*

    Jeez Princess Kath, I can't believe you're off at wineries & stuff instead of upholding the standards of Duck Friday.

    I know the others are trying, and I appreciate their efforts, really I do, but there's still that sad empty comfy chair (with embroidered scatter cushions) and an untouched glass of champa's going warm ... it's just not right.

    PS - your Justin euthanized himself and went to cyber heaven while you've been gone. I guess we'll be in for a bit of cyber ghost action now.

    PPS - Drunka - get your mitts off that bottle! I'm saving that special for when Kath comes home.

  7. Anonymous5:21 PM

    You've just gotta love John So. The impish grin is a winner behind the suit and burden of office.

  8. John So can do no wong Jacob.

    Cute, a damned smart business man, and a sterling figure head for Melbourne.

    What a let down it will be when he has to move on. Pity the person who next fills those shoes.

  9. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Hey Caz!
    See you haven't been letting the grass grow under you feet mate!

    Had a great time with the kids. Spent lots of time at the beach.

    Funny though, could not get away from duck Friday. There was a little inlet running behind the beach house.

    Full of Pacific Black Ducks.

    Well, my daughter decided that they needed a good feed.
    Consequently our bread stocks needed constant replenishing!! Lol..

    On the eve of Duck Friday, mamma duck and her TEN ducklings turned up on the doorstep for a feed!( I KID you not.. No! Rooly truly Jacob!)

    Uncanny huh, Caz?

    Thanks for keeping a comfy chair and a bottle of champa's waiting( Dom Perignon , no doubt!!) for me dear friend..

  10. Even on hols, the spirit of Duck Friday travelled with you, provided entertainment for the whole family, and commerce for the local bakery.

    Good will all around.

    The power of Duck Friday, 'eh?

    Go figure. :-D

    Now, for that comfy chair and a nice cold bubbly ... ah, that feels good.

    All is right with the world.

    Glad you folk had a lovely time Kath.