January 21, 2007

Dibber Dobber

Gratuitous bra strap slippage shot.

As if we really need another reason and means by which to dob people in, in this instance, women only.

Yes, really, now you can become part of the icky bra strap police.

I’m a firm believer in a pretty bra at all times, and would never wear a grubby bra any more than I would wear … eeeewwweeeee … grubby undies. I’ve never owned a beige bra in my life either, evidence, I believe, that I adhere to relatively high standards when it comes to underwear for the breasts.

Bra faux pas, bra strap faux pas, regardless of the exponential growth in these matters, in the scheme of things, you’d have to be one petty, supercilious, little git to be making the time to send your friends or acquaintances little messages about their bra strap crimes. Or more inane still, "reporting" a "celeb" bra strap crime. (Seriously: you think, in the entire world, you were the first or only person to have noticed?)

If one is truly aiming for good taste though, I’d be strongly inclined to avoid these interchangeble bra straps, which are more dreadful and ridiculous than decorous.

The very first nominee might be the Bra Strap Company that has managed to drum up untold free publicity and serious news coverage for their tacky wares.

Fashion violation from the Strap Police.


  1. NB: this is a company that sells clear plastic bra straps to women, with the company and the women colluding in the illusion that no one will see this hideous plastic strap, because they're so obviously *invisible* to the human eye.

  2. Anonymous10:28 PM

    As a male non-wearer of bras, I'm not sure I'm qualified to comment. Unless incipient man-boobs count.

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    By the way, I doubt the bra strap slippage depicted in your graphic is strictly "gratuitous".

    Rather, it's cliched, intended to encourage a perception of the subject's sexual allure and, perhaps, availability.

    Next, I will deconstruct this cat food tin...

  4. Hi Caz!

    Pop over and check out my newest posts.

    Very cute post.

  5. Gratuitous, to the extent that it’s neither an ugly bra strap, nor a dirty bra strap, and, given the surfeit of actual clothing, within context, bra strap slippage cannot be interpreted as sloppy, thoughtless or inappropriate dressing.

    Snaps - will do!

  6. It's an essential job Jacob: deconstructing cat food tins.

    The world is in safe hands with you on the task.

  7. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Not enough thing for women to beat themselves up about.

    Sigh!!! Is Snapple a spam thing?

  8. Oh, Darlene, you are cruel! :-)

    Snapple is not spam! I have on many occasion thought to ask her how she came up with the Snapple blog name, but the moment always passes.

    If you click on her "Snapple" hyperlink, it should take you to her blog. If not, will post her URL tonight.

    Snaps is Canadian, and a frequent visitor to Drunkablog, which is fellow Canadian John's blog.

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