January 10, 2007

Choose your poison

Preparing to give a speech or a presentation?

Option One

New Scientist mag reports that psychologist Stuart Brody (University of Paisley) has found that having sex keeps the stress at bay, but it has to be the good old fashion penetrative type of sex. The tangential experimental stuff does nothing to assuage stress. Sexual intercourse is best.

Option Two

Dr Peter Bull, a more highly qualified psychologist (University of York), suggests that "there are other ways to prepare for a speech that were more likely to reduce stress.

You are probably better off thinking about what you are going to say and preparing thoroughly, rather than having sex the previous night”, he said.

Via Melbourne commuter newspaper, MX, January 09, 2007


  1. I'd be inclined to combine Options 1 & 2, just to be sure, to be sure. Better safe than sorry!

    Still, there's something to be said for "thinking about what you are going to say and preparing thoroughly". Really, a good shag is no substitute for actual COMPETENCE.

    (By the way, my super you-beaut New Blogger account made the simple exercise of posting this comment a ridiculously tedious affair. Unless things improve, I'll use an 'Other' identity and simply sign as 'Jacob'. There's not that many of us anyway.)

  2. That settles the age-old question. Thanks ;-)

  3. Jacob - Yes, I've always thought that competance at being a good shag could be achieved with practice and thorough preparation.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    haha touche!

    I guess those who were formerly boy scouts ("be prepared") have an advantage born of habit.