January 1, 2007

Brazilian of the Year

There was only one nominee, therefore, by default, and with no vote being taken, Britney Spears is the winner of the Brazilian of the year award for 2006.

Notably, there haven’t been any winners or nominees for this award in any previous years.

Britney also wins the peripheral C-Section scar of the year award, having gained bonus points for showing her still red cesarean scar, along with her neatly Brazilianed lady garden, to the entire world.

The six links, in green, just below the pic and brief text are not work safe, trust me on this.

Yes, Britney, the entire world cheered with you when you dumped Fed-ex via SMS, but Brit, seriously, the only people with any need to be peering up your va-jay-jay are your gynecologist and your latest sexual partner. The rest of us have a strictly “do not need to know” relationship with you in that regard. So put it away for 2007, ‘kay?


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Here, here, Miss Caz.

    Happy New Year to you.

  2. I'll pass on the Brittney pics. I don't want to hurl my lunch.

    I haven't posted all year, but I'm back now.

    Happy (belated) New Year, caz!

  3. A very happy new year to Miss Darlene & Miss Cubicle too, hope you both had a great time during the holiday season.

    I can understand your aversion to the pics Cube - you're best off not looking. I suspect my daughter still hasn't forgiven me for sending her the links a few weeks back.

    It's nice to have a break from blogging Cube, I keep having the dilemna of managing time & priorities, and wonder if I should shut down ... but I would still get the urge (and time) to post every now and then. The problem with having a blog is that you can't be "half pregnant" about it. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.