January 22, 2007

Australia Day Preview

Excitment builds in the lead up to the Australia Day ducky race.

(Matt Welsh doesn't look nearly as cute as Mayor John So, but he does have more ducks.)


  1. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Rubber duckies you're the ones,
    You make bathtime lots of fun
    Rubber duckies I'm awfully fond of you;

    Woo WOO be doo

    Rubber duckies, joy of joys,
    When I squeeze yous', yous' make noise!
    Rubber duckies you're my very best friends it's true!

    Doo doo doo doo doo doo

    Every day when I
    Make my way to the tubby
    I find some fellas who are
    Cute and yellow and chubby

    Rub -a-dub-a-dubby!

    Rubber Duckies you're so fine
    And I'm lucky that you're all mine.
    Rubber Duckies , I'm awfully fond of you.

  2. Wooo hoooo!

    At least Kath is a happy ducky tonight.

    James is still off huffing somewhere.

    See, lookey lookey: I found those lost ducks. And a dozen of their cousins.

  3. I'm back and still feeling slightly miffed. Over what, I can't remember.

  4. I notice the Prime Minister has described the new Workplace Relations as bieng an avuncular chap.

    Have you given consideration to becoming avuncular James? As a fill-in, while you're not being a blogger?

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I pop over to visit Av Briefs and see a pool full of ducks. On a Monday! I had a terrible fright for a moment. It was almost like back in my drinking days. Is it Friday already? What happened to the rest of the week? Did I remember to go to work this week?

    Don't ever do that again, Caz! Ducks on Friday, not Monday!

  6. Hey, don't blame me, I'm merely the blogger.

    This is all James' fault.

    PS: In my last comment, that should have read "the new Workplace Relations Minister".

    See, see what happens when we pander to the readers!

    We all go to hell in a handbasket, that's what!

  7. I am avuncular already! I have a nephew who I'm most avuncular towards.

    As for conflating Monday and Friday, that's me being geriatric.

    Nice duck picture, although I would prefer ducks with the Australian flag dyed feather pattern. Or green and gold ducks at a pinch. These omissions have made me feel slightly huffy again. I'm going off to boil a chicken.

  8. PS. Thanks a lot, Caz. I had expunged all my huff last night on a very ranty post directed at the ABC (yes, another one). Now I'll have to find something else the ABC's doing that pisses me off - shouldn't be too difficult - to cleanse me of this new pent-up huff.

  9. I snuck in the Monday duck as a special treat just for you James, seeing as I won't have any feathered and flag decorated ducks for Friday ... unless something startling happens in the next day or two.

    You do seem to have *iss-th-ues* with the ABC James.

  10. I know, and about 70% of what I watch is on the ABC, too.

    Okay, I might have been playing the prima donna a wee bit - Monday ducks are most welcome.

  11. Oh, I see.

    *Gives knowing look over the reading spectacles*

    You hate your tormentor, yet keep going back, save for the 30% of telly viewing time that you're not with them.

    *Arches brow in questioning manner*

    [Do’h - damn that Botox!]

  12. Anonymous9:02 PM

    " Gives knowing look over the reading spectacles."

    "Arches brow in questioning manner."

    [Do'h- damn that Botox!]

    Caz... Your imagery is exquisite.!!

    I can just picture the scene mate.