December 13, 2006

How old?

I’m worried about the Jolie-Pitt children, even though they’re only little tikes, and one is barely out of the womb.

Perhaps my concern is wildly displaced and my ignorance of the US education system is to blame, or maybe my calculator isn’t working today.

From her most recent interview, Mother Jolie is quoted as saying:

"I'm starting to be able to see being 50 years old with the kids graduating from high school."

As we speak, Jolie is a mere young ‘un herself, at 31 years old.

How long do they keep children in school over there?!

Let’s hope Jolie doesn’t decide to home-school, or the kids will never get past primary school maths.


  1. The average high school student graduates at 17 or 18. Some of her adopted children are years older than the one she just gave birth to -- named Shiloh Pitt (which if you switch the first letters gives Piloh Shit)

  2. I had thought your schooling years were the same as ours Cube, which is why I thought her comment a bit odd.

    Yes - Maddox must be nearly school age, or maybe another year, so, lets say around 13 years before he finishes high school - at least ordinarily; perhaps mum will make him repeat a few years.

  3. Piloh Shit?