December 13, 2006

Einstein Factor

Introductory blurb from news highlights in the online Age today:

UK police fear murdered prostitutes may be victims of a serial killer.”

They reckon, maybe????!!!

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean a man beheaded a 21 year old woman in front of a group of horrified normal people. No motive has been identified at this time.

How shocking.

Update: Hollywood director Oliver Stone has shocked a celebrity crowd with an off-colour joke about the murders of five suspected sex workers in eastern England.

Stone quipped to the British Comedy Awards audience in London:
"It's great to be back in England. I feel like Jack The Ripper days are back. Nothing ever changes here."
The stunned crowd responded with jeers, gasps and boos.


  1. If there's a God, Stone's stand-up career will be the shortest on record ever.

  2. He's not know for his comedic films is he Jacob. Perhaps he should have remembered that before opening his mouth.

    But then, it turns out that he's rather older than we all thought, so his mind is wouldn't be up to much:

    "I feel like Jack the Ripper days are back."

    Who knew that Stone was alive all the way back then, and was old enough to remember such events?

  3. Maybe he's got Jack somehow mixed up with the Yorkshire variety of Ripper.

    Gratuitous and mindless violence is perhaps much-of-a-muchness with someone who'd make a 'serious' film like Natural Born Killers.

  4. The cops are just afraid to jump to conclusions or make statements tht they will have to retract later. I can understand their rather careful wording.

    I mean, what if a guy kills his girlfriend & uses the killer's m.o. to cover his tracks?

    Stone's "joke" was just a dumb thing to say. But I have found his taste highly questionable in the past so I'm not surprised.

  5. Yes, Cube, well aware that the police always make very guarded statements at the commencement of any investigation.

    Can't be an M.O copy cat - all of the bodies were found in same area and within days of each other. The police have been searching the creek for a couple of weeks, so it would have been a bit difficult for anyone to sneek in a dump a new body. Prior, no one even knew there was a murderer on the loose.

    Of course, it's remotely possible and even plausible, that this just happens to be the spot that more than one murderer has chosen to leave bodies. But during the same time frames is improbable. It ain't CSI!!!

  6. I saw part of a documentary last night about an Australian Nobel Prize-winning biologist who gives talks at schools. At one point, he gives balloons to the kids to blow up, and makes the following joke:

    "Now I know I'm supposed to be politically correct, but girls, to blow these balloons up, you have to have REALLY big breaths."

  7. Another little joke -

    " ... if space was found to curve inwards, the universe could end in a final crunch; an event Schumidt calls the "gnaB giB", which is Big Bang backwards and an example of the little jokes astronomers like to tell."

  8. I finished a book of James Thurber short pieces last night. In one of his essays, he suggests that if you reverse the phrase 'Ping Pong' so that it reads 'Gnip Gnop', then that makes a much better name for the sport, as it sounds much more like a game in progress.

  9. Which would suggest that someone should be allowed to yell "Ping Pong" at the END of the game?

    Or is gnip gnop forever a game in progress?

    You read some strange books.