November 26, 2006

The plastic baby was also unharmed

“The pastor at Anchorage First Free Methodist Church was mystified. Why was the activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals chastising him? No animals are harmed in the church's holiday nativity display. In fact, animals aren't used at all.”

“Jackie Vergerio, PETA's captive animals in entertainment specialist, said her organization tracks churches nationwide that use real animals in "living nativity scenes."

Apart from their nasty habit of killing abandoned but adoptable animals, and successfully blackmailing governments and entire industries, PETA demands that we all become vegetarians and stop using wool.

Anything acrylic is okey dokey though. I guess that would be acrylic food and clothing, in some regards.

PETA love animals, so they tell us, (including the ones they kill?), yet seem to have trouble sorting through the cognitive dissonance they suffer when it comes to their own kind. Not to mention their quirky, yet not at all cute, difficulties with nativity scenes.


  1. I bet PETA are against abuse of potatoes, too!

  2. OH TIM!!!!

    Put down the masher and step AWAY from the potatoes; STEP AWAY FROM THE POTATOES!!!!

    Oh, and turn off that boiling water too.

    Did you peel them first, on top of everything else that you've done??!!!

  3. I'm not making mashed potatoes. If I had done that, it would have been much quicker.

    I boiled the potato in its jacket, and ate it with butter. I realise that in this modern day and age, such a thing is unfashionable, but that cannot be helped.

  4. Not sure about the old boiled potato Timmy, but a baked potato, skin intact, with a large dollop of butter (NOT margarine) or sour cream is a truly beautiful thing.

  5. Definitely butter. Although I did use margarine to fry the onions. It seemed ostentatious to turn on the oven just to bake one little potato in its skin, so I went with the boiling option.