November 20, 2006

Now jail the judge

I admit total ignorance of laws relating to illicit drug possession and use in Britain, but no matter what they are, I’m thinking it’s time the judge who keeps babying Pete Doherty should step aside, or face a charge of some sort herself.

This dope of a man – and we don’t use that description flippantly in his case – has been arrested again, for the umpteenth time this year, on suspicion of possession of yet more crack cocaine.

For the most part I don’t have strong views on drug use, other than total distain for illicit drug abusers who believe they’re way-cool; and a passing distain for licit drug abusers who believe they’re not one.

Yet, one has to draw the line at drug abusers who are unrelenting, unrepentant dickheads, such as Doherty.

It’s criminal enough that Doherty is a spectacularly repulsive looking man, in an ashen-swollen-faced way, with what appear to be rotting teeth, infrequent attention to morning or evening ablutions, along with wanton infliction of sartorial abuse on an innocent public, but add to this that he keeps fronting up to some frou-frou of a judge who insists on praising him – even when his rehabilitation efforts result in positive drug tests and more and more arrests – surely someone in this publicly played-out pathetic micro-drama should be thrown in jail for a goodly spell.

At various court appearances during this year, and despite his twice failing drug tests in a single month Magistrate Jane McIvor has oozed all types of praise in Doherty’s direction:

You’re doing quite well, but you need to keep it up.”

"It is very good progress and clearly a positive start. It seems that his determination is increasing." [His determination in relation to what? - ed]

"It is not expected to get a negative test in the first review period but I hope that opiate replacement will happen in the next period."

"It's a long, slow process, but you are showing sufficient signs of compliance and effort," Magistrate McIvor cooed, having been particularly tickled-pink that Doherty hadn't been arrested (at that stage) for drugs since Jan. 14. Oh bravo! I think that lasted for about five minutes, or five days – whichever is shorter in Pete Doherty-land.


  1. Talk about euphemisms. "Opiate replacement"? Sheesh.

  2. Ah, so I wasn't the only person who noticed that original turn of phrase?

    I thought it rather begged more suggestions than it answered.

    But then, this was the same judge who also threw in some appreciative comments about Doherty's latest musical release (during one of his numerous court appearances) - so goodness only knows what her idea of "opiate replacement" might actually mean.