November 24, 2006

My, my, what a big baby

In an act of self sabotage, we upstage Duck Friday with an in utero elephant calf.


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Fascinating stuff Caz..

    So glad though, that I am not an elephant.. 22 months gestation period!

    Ugh! I couldn't bear it!!!

    Btw Caz ole mate,
    I'll be elephants trunk tonight!
    Going to a wedding...

    WOO HOO got a leave pass, ie a baby sitter..

  2. Have a great time Kath!

    Is it anyone you know, or just crashing a random wedding to whoop it up? A very fine idea, btw (you don't even have to buy a present!).

  3. Incredible. But they don't say when or how the movie's going to be released, dammit.

  4. Have you ever tried negotiating a movie deal with a pregnant elephant Drunka?


    Not as easy as it sounds.