November 6, 2006

Foot Fetish

It’s not pretty and it’s not stylish, but men wearing socks with sandals never have to leave early because their feet are killing them; never have to resort to taking off their glamour sandles to walk on filthy pavements; and never go home with bleeding and blistered feet

More unattractive pics can be at the Sandal & Sock Gallery - not for the squeamish or the fashionistas.

Very cheap inexpensive hot vinyl high heel sandals.
Cheap vinyl black heeled sandals with lacy pants. These types of vinyl shoes makes a woman sweat and develop feet fungus

Pic and way too much information, thanks to Metrovoyeurs Gallery.


  1. Bit unsporting to make fun of this chap, I feel; that sock-and-sandal combination appear to me to be part of a standard uniform. I've seen my brother (a bagpiper) wear similar on occasion.

  2. Ah, yes, see - THAT'S what's so wrong about our biker friend: if only he had been wearing knee high socks, all would have been well.

    Nothing like a man in long socks and a brightly coloured pleated skirt.

  3. Actually I'm more concerned over the guy's skirt than the sock and sandle combo. BTW men wear mandles, not sandles ;-)

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