November 2, 2006

Compare and Contrast

Earlier today in Victoria, a miner on his way to work noticed an out of control truck going in the opposite direction, with a driver slumped unconscious over the steering wheel. The miner did exactly as any normal person would do: he turned his car around, sped past the truck, pulled over, got out of his car, hauled himself into the moving truck as it came by, pulled on the handbrake, and called an ambulance for the driver - who had fallen into a diabetic coma. The truck driver is recovering well in hospital.

The miner toddled off to work without leaving a name.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago in New Zealand, Qantas staff refused to allow a diabetic man to take his insulin medication onto a flight, insisting that it was “dangerous”. The man fell into a coma shortly after the plane arrived at its destination and spent two weeks in hospital recovering.

The airline staff toddled back to work with their total lack of decency and common sense intact.

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