November 30, 2006

Commenter Award of the Week

This is a beautiful thing.

Commenter Pentcho Valev, who appears not to have a blog of his own, although perhaps he should - on the other hand, it appears he has more important things to contemplate [oh, really? - ed] – has left a dash of depth, to test our synapses and metaphysical thoughts, on an earlier post about Dark Matter.

No, no – you don’t have to click on the link, unless you want to, I’m posting his magnificent input in full, for your enjoyment and personal illumination:


Cosmological concepts like dark energy etc. are all based on frequency shift data and therefore the equations

c = Lf ; c' = L'f'

where c is speed of light, L is wavelength and f is frequency, are crucial. If c'=c=300000km/s we have

c = L'f' /1/

If the speed of light is variable and, as Einstein showed in 1911, obeys the equation c'=c(1+V/c^2), where V is the gravitational potential, /1/ is wrong and we have, instead,

L' = L ; c' = Lf' /2/

Clearly /1/ and /2/ are incompatible and here the strangeness begins. Physicists usually assume that /1/ is true but rarely say /2/ is wrong. Sometimes they give praise to Einstein's 1911 equation c'=c(1+V/c^2) and therefore implicitly assume that /2/ is true and /1/ is wrong. Yet physicists would never openly discuss the implications of /2/: they suspect that this particular discussion has something to do with a prophecy of Einstein's:

"If the speed of light is the least bit affected by the speed of the light source, then my whole theory of relativity and theory of gravity is false."

Pentcho Valev



  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    It brought tears to my eyes.

  2. a beautiful comment. I doubt Einstein, as great a thinker as he was, got everything right. I wish we could have his insight on the stuff we know now.

  3. Pentcho,

    You forgot to carry the one.


    Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Blog Commenter!

    Blog Owner Caz Graciously Accepts Nobel Prize On 'Pentcho's' Behalf!

  5. Drunka - you're such a perfectionist.

    Cube - yes, Einstein's insights at this point would be intriguing and needed!

    Timmy - well, you know, I hadn't thought of that, being a selfless type of blogger, but now that you mention it: Cool - YES, I'll accept, rooolly, graciously!